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Supersize Unboxing: Memebox Special #50 - Step by Step Skincare

Memebox Special #50 - Step by Step Skincare

Right before I left for Korea, I coincidentally received a box of Korean skincare goodies from Memebox ( Memebox Special #50 is "Step by Step Skincare" and is a more robust version of the recently promo'd Korean Beauty Starter Kit.

Memebox Special #50 : Step by Step Skincare Unboxing
Memebox Special #50 : Step by Step Skincare Unboxing

Memebox is a unique take on subscription boxes as the contents are clearly posted as opposed to traditional boxes that bank on an element of surprise. Memeboxes also come out in waves, with no particular schedule, where one's money isn't tied down to a particular box. Choose what you want and check out; that's it!

Here's What's Inside (Sorted by Routine):

Mizon Alcohol Toner Mojito, USD 22 / 150ml

Bea consistently slanders me as a lush and I will neither confirm nor deny those allegations in preservation of my interests. One should take my fascination with this yummy-smelling Mojito Toner as purely professional.

This is not what I would normally call an Asian Toner or Moisturizing Lotion; its alcohol content lumps it in with your typical astringent. As expected, it promises pore and sebum control, ideal for oily-skinned people. Mizon carries two more alcohol-themed toners: Rice Wine for whitening and Tequila for moisture (I wish I got this!)

Toners are step 2 for Korean skincare, if you consider double cleansing + exfoliation one step. It's usually a watery solution meant to strip your skin of product buildup and prepare it for further skincare.

inosbeau Super Yellow Intense Renew Essence, USD 78 / 30ml

Step 3 for Korean skincare is Essence. It's on the watery side and is meant to penetrate deeply with anti-aging and brightening effects. It is considered the most crucial and nutritive portion of the Korean routine, indicated by how it is so much more expensive than the other pieces in this box.

insobeau Super Yellow Intense Renew Essence

inosbeau Super Yellow essence looks goopy and thick but breaks up into water droplets once spread. This early in the skincare regimen, wateriness is the ultimate goal so that the subsequent, thicker "steps" can be layered effectively over each other.

Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule, USD 30 / 12ml

The Ampoule, like the Essence, is basically a power-dose for the skin; only, it has a thicker consistency.

Migabee Royal Jelly & Honey Energy Ampoule

The Migabee Ampoule smells fantastic, exactly like honey but more floral than sweet. It looks thick but feels light and is quickly absorbed by the skin. I think it leaves a sticky film behind, but I'd have to investigate that more once I put this up on my Skincare Snippets.

Taphre Special Care Mask, USD 7 / 25ml

I'm highly utilitarian with sheet masks for daily use, I have a pretty low threshold on quality. Many masks seem alike to me and as long as they perform the basic function of moistening to the point of cooling, they are good in my book. That said, I wonder what makes this no-water mask special? Does it mean that the moisturizing essences are much more concentrated? OoooOoooh.

She's Uris Rice Water Double Action, USD 42 / 80g

Next is the Moisturizer. After trying out sample sachets of the Too Cool for School McGirly Rice Wine cleanser, scrub and moisturizer, I immediately became a fan of the ingredient. Rice Wine has a subtly sweet aroma, with a distinctly lightweight texture that moisturizes enough to soften and cool up the skin.

She's Uris Rice Water Double Action

The She's Uris cream does not disappoint. At first swatch it feels almost too watery but leaves my skin baby smooth and chilled with moisture in just a few moments.

She's Uris Rice Water Double Action

Tonymoly My Sunny Milky Sun Cream SPF 35 PA+++, USD 10 / 45g

Rather than a cream, this sunscreen feels more like a paste. It's not as watery as the trendier sunscreens but at least it is suitably spreadable, has decent SPF and is PA+++.

Tonymoly My Sunny Milky Sun Cream SPF 35 PA+++

My only worry is that it seems to leave a white cast, though I have to use it more to figure out how it appears on my face.


Memebox Special #50 - Step by Step Skincare Curation p.1

Box Value: USD 189, or 5.25x a USD 35.99 box fee (29 box + 6.99 shipping)

So far, this is the box with the highest returns for me. Most of my Specials tally up around 4x worth the box fee. Though we have USD 7 and 10 items in here, the Essence drastically kicks up the box value and I highly appreciate its inclusion because it is very peculiar and unique to the Korean routine.

I highly recommend this box for fans of Korean skincare. The Essence, Ampoule and Mask are not typically incorporated in standard skincare routines and they'd be nice additions to "Koreanize" any basic routine you may currently have. The Essence alone almost doubles your investment!

Memebox #50 - Step by Step Skincare - Curation p.2

I am a Memebox Affiliate. I am occassionally sent complimentary boxes for unboxing reviews. Click here for other BBT Memebox unboxings. This box was sent via EMS. I paid postage to receive it.

I am not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature. I have no quota and use the suggested spiel as a writing guide to inform readers about Memebox. Item impressions are strictly my own.

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