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My Acrylic Dilemma: SOLVED

Hey everyone! A few days ago, I posted about an unfortunate travesty that had my life in shambles. Long story short: I ran out of acrylic space for my lipstick collection.

I just want to update everyone that the crisis has been averted! The situation is under control! Order officially reigns on my countertop!

Acrylic Lipstick Holder, photo from

I received my 24-slot, 4x6 acrylic lipstick case (Php 200, two days after I ordered it. Shout out to Jackie for recommending it to me! I'm happy with how well they packed it (cardboard box + giant bubble wrap + dense foam sheet) but opening the package left a little bit to be desired. The case felt thin and flimsy even though it was presented sans photoshop and false advertising on the site.

suesh 4x6 acrylic lipstick holder
Suesh 4x6 Acrylic Lipstick Holder, Php 200

I try to comfort myself by thinking that I won't be banging it around, so it should manage just fine. This is a tradeoff I'm willing to take considering my other ~costlier options. Php 500 - Php 800+ for acrylic anything is BONKERS. Acrylic is just cheap plastic!


If my collection further expands, I might go with Juvy's recommendation: a 3x8 slotter from Apex which looks sturdier and costs only Php 180.



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