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My Acrylic Dilemma

My lipsticks don't fit in my organizers anymore; I need new ones (here's why). I hate a messy counter, and I hate cheap-looking organizers. I don't like using refurbished stuff either, like mugs or tin cans. Just give me my acrylic goodies! I'm a sucker for acrylic cosmetic organizers and they have to be clear, not storm gray and especially HELL TO THE NAY to that weird retro burnt umber / poop hue.

I was at Robinson's Magnolia yesterday and I found these two lipstick organizers at Make Room and More. I didn't buy either because they were so expensive! Should I check SM?

12-slot acrylic lipstick holder, PHP 525
I have two of this exact same 12-slotter, purchased from Dimensione some time last year. MR&M sells them for PHP 750 but they're currently at 30% off (now PHP 525.) I'm pretty sure it didn't cost that much at Dimensione! I think it was at the PHP 150-300 range but I could just be remembering things wrong. Tried to check mine this morning but there were no price stickers. Guess I'm too good at my craft hehehe.

24-slot acrylic lipstick holder, PHP 850

Found this RIDICULOUSLY awesome 24-slotter (!!!), but at an even more RIDICULOUS price of PHP 850 (@#%>%*). I really want it but I just gag at the thought of paying PHP 850 for a fucking lipstick organizer!

They are sooo tempting though. WHAT DO I DO?! My LIFE makeup counter is in shambles!!! SHAAAAAAMBLES!

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