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Day 2 Hair with Aveeno Dry Shampoo

I keep saying I have a canister of dry shampoo from Avene (documented example in the comments section of Kira's World here.) Yet as I lazily sit my ass in my mom's room, l can't find photos of it online and so I just haaaave to get up and check the actual product in my room.

aveeno dry shampoo review
Aveeno Dry Shampoo

Trivia of the day: I have dry shampoo from Aveeno.


??? Purchased at Duty Free, Philippines. I blindly picked it up and forgot to check the receipt.

Available in 4.8oz canisters, which are about as tall as your standard hairspray canisters.

Product Description:

Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo is a waterless, no-rinse shampoo for the hair. It's a pressurized liquid spray that you apply instead of doing the ordinary lather-rinse-repeat routine.

This sulfate-free formula aims to sop up excess oil for day 2 hair while boosting volume. It has a really strong cucumber scent that lasts throughout much of the day.

How to Use:

Dry shampoo tends to clump opaquely so you have to spray at a full arm's length away to make sure it's diffused enough. Concentrate on the roots, let it settle for a few seconds and rub at your scalp with the pads of your fingers.

aveeno dry shampoo review

Dry shampoo is perfect for after-salon treatments where you're not allowed to wet your hair for 24 hours, i.e. rebonding, perming and blowouts. I also like to use it about once a month to give my hair a break from shampooing.


The scent is A+! I know I musk up when I'm particularly harassed but the last time I got complimented on this was around six hours into wearing it after running late for the Heroine Make event and having a few drinks with Shari.

Though the scent is a bit much, the crispness and freshness of the cucumber make it very pleasant. And I do appreciate how it can cut through that musky head smell.

I just hate that it doesn't seem to do much for oil. I could be spraying to the point of dampening my hair yet my not-very oily scalp remains not-very oily, still. Why even buy dry shampoo if it doesn't sop up excess oil? That's the idea of the product. And I don't know if I'm on to something but I feel like the weak oil absorption or lack of "starchiness" also explains why it doesn't seem to volumize much.


Long-wearing scent that masks head musk.



Beauty by Tellie score: 1 / 5 - Better off as hair perfume.

aveeno dry shampoo review

It smells really nice, and stays that way for much longer than expected, which is the only real reason it's getting a blithe 1 instead of a hateful 0. I still can't get over the fact of how poorly it does as actual dry shampoo. There is minimal, if any, improvement on my day 2 hair. I end up using it as hair perfume rather than actual dry shampoo.

To be fair, I started off with an Oscar Blandi dry shampoo (haul post, no review) and that may be setting the bar a little bit too high.

What other brands of dry shampoo can you recommend? Are powders really easier to use? Are they really cheaper by a lot?

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