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Home Spa Sundays: Davines Nounou Hair Mask

Happy Sunday everyone! So glad I'm able to do another Home Spa Sundays post. It won't be too long before I'm able to have a rundown of all possible spa treatments featured on this blog, whee! Any requests? I'm thinking of waxing next- I'm really hating the fine but long hairs on my arms!


By inquiry at most upscale salons. According to the website, this is available in 250ml, 1000ml, 12ml (is this a typo?) and 5000ml. The sample I have is in a 250ml tub.

Click here for the Davines Nounou Mask product page.

Product Description:

Davines is a family-owned hair care company that aims for sustainable beauty not only through green ingredients but also through their containers, up to labels and ink pigments.

The Nounou Mask is ideal for hair brittled by bleaching, perming or dyeing. It features Fiaschetto tomatoes from Guaco, which are highly nourishing as well as known antioxidants. The most interesting ingredient for me however, is olive butter. Olive is not only a rich emollient but also nourishes the scalp itself so that both the dried up tips and fresh regrowth are taken care of.

The sample I have is colored light olive while the product shown on the website is a creamy yellow. I don't know why, either.

The mask aims to soften hair weightlessly, so that it can retain its own shape and body. With that in mind, the product itself is extremely thick and buttery that when I make a dent in it, the product doesn't level even up to the next day. I even remember noticing how the product did not level when I lay the tub on its side the day I Instagrammed it.

davines nounou hair mask review

How to Use:

Use this after the Nounou shampoo. Leave on towel-dried hair for 10-15 minutes and then comb through. Rinse afterwards.

I don't have the Nounou shampoo so I use it after my regular shampoo. I try not to use this with conditioner so I can get the weightless healing promised by Davines.


I find the hair care industry to be overladen with empty marketing buzz words so I took everything said above with a grain of salt while trying this product out.

Surprisingly, the weightless nourishing is sooo true. Those who use hair masks regularly will understand that smooth yet heavy feeling afterwards. There is so much weight on one's hair that it gets a bit straightened and lies a bit flatter on your head. I was a bit surprised the first time I used this sample, thinking it didn't work because my hair wasn't as flat as when I normally use hair masks.

However, I touched my hair and found it smoother and softer. It looked much shinier too, and only when I read up on the Nounou line and olive butter did I figure out that it does in fact help the hair without weighing it down.

davines nounou hair mask review
Air-dried hair with the Davines Nounou Mask: Soft, smooth hair that has retained it's shape, waves and body

The Nounou mask carries that same amazing salon smell that is characteristic of Davines products.


Weightless body and excellent fragrance.


No. It's pretty good with the weightless thing but I've been avoiding chemical treatments anyway and would prefer a hair mask that's more targeted to my current needs, i.e. hair fall.

Beauty by Tellie score: 4 / 5 - effectively nourishes without weighing down

There's nothing bad to be said about the Davines Nounou hair mask. I love how it helps the hair without weighing it down, even as the product itself is extremely thick and heavy. In a sea of hair flattening masks, this stands out as that one that smoothens and tames without giving you hat hair.

davines nounou hair mask review
Davines Nounou Hair Mask

If you have fine, limp hair that you get permed or colored, this is the perfect mask for you!

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This was sent as part of a Christmas gift set by the Davines team last January 12. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this feature.

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