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Review: See Clear Circle Lens in Warm Brown

Price: Varies. You may purchase See Clear contact lenses through any optometrist within the domestic US, who will then order through See Clear Co.'s main office at Norcross, GA.

Product Description:

The See Clear Company is a US FDA-approved, US-based lens company. They carry the following lens collections: See Clear Color, Fierce Theatrical Lens, Sclera Lens and the Circle Collection.

The See Clear Circle Collection consists of 10 colors: 5 Vibrant Colors (Fresh Blue, Warm Brown, Vivid Green, Sweet Violet, Silver Gray;) 3 Black prints (KB-6, KB-9, KB-21,) and 2 Choco / brown prints (KB-21, Rose.)

According to the manufacturer, these daily wear, soft lenses are good for one month's worth of wear but with proper care, can be extended to a few months. Circle lenses are decorative lenses available in a wide variety of colors, prints and diameters used mostly by Asian women to create the illusion of bigger eyes. These can only be ordered with prescription, as required by US FDA.

The lens vials have the following information printed on them: base curve, diameter, power, expiry date, lot number and color/style. The following are the general characteristics of See Clear Circle Lens:

  1. Sphere / Power: 0.00 to -6.00 - I ordered 0.00 but these can be corrected according to your prescription.
  2. Base Curve: 8.6mm - The base curve is the radius of the inside of the contact lens and affects the "fit" of lenses to your cornea.
  3. Diameter: 14.5mm - Common sizes of circle lenses are at 14-16mm. There are options for much larger ones but anything bigger than 15mm is considered harmful for daily wear.
  4. Water Content: 38% - This is considered low water content. High water content would be anything over 65%, and higher water content is ideal to let the eye "breathe."
  5. Material: 62% polymacon - This is the first generation of soft lens material. Nowadays, silicone hydrogels are more popular. 
see clear circle lens in warm brown review

Warm Brown has a hazel, pixelated print. It has a black rim with jagged, inward spikes that blend into vivid hazel flecks. It has a wide center window allowing for clear vision, framed by black dots in the form of spurs.

photo from

How to Use:

This deserves its own post but briefly: apply sterilized contact lenses to each eye. Circle lens are used and maintained the same way as regular contact lens.

The See Clear vials are very easy to open as the metal seal is attached to the outer rubber cap. Some lenses have the caps separate from the metal seal and you actually have to be ready with pliers to open them up.


Enlargement - 14.5mm seems like the perfect size for circle lens. There is an obvious change in my iris size but not ridiculously so that I look like a cartoon nor am wearing a costume. It's quite obvious, but can pass off as a daily look.

L: My beady bare eyes, R: See Clear Lens in Warm Brown

Color Accuracy / Print - I was pretty disappointed that it didn't give me hazel eyes, I wanted it to be more obvious in this regard. It appears to be a grey-leaning taupe from a distance, but looks more yellow-grey up close. Print-wise, the black outer rim helps the iris appear much larger and the non-opaque flecks allow for a natural blend.

see clear circle lens in warm brown review
T-B: Bare eyes, See Clear Warm Brown in daylight, See Clear Warm Brown in flash

Comfort - I've been wearing these lenses on and off for about two weeks and am pretty pleased with how comfortable they are. They don't feel like I have dust in my eyes and I don't get vision impairment. They feel comfortable for up to 5 hours in the worst conditions (exposed to grill smoke, working on a computer, walking in a dry environment) and over 10 hours in the best conditions (sitting pretty, consciously blinking a lot) without using comfort drops.


US FDA-approved and custom prescription. I feel assured that there's proper quality control procedures since there's batch numbers and expiry dates printed on them. Off-brand fashion lenses are a dime a dozen, but they're just an eye infection or blindness waiting to happen.


Yes. I love these things!

Beauty by Tellie score: 4 / 5 - great for everyday wear and for looking doll-like!

For my first circle lens experience, I'm going with a 4 since I enjoyed this way more than I expected to. I don't mind the polymacon and low water content because I don't think I'll be wearing these for extended periods of time. Actually, they're super comfortable and I love how they make me look done up even if I wear minimal makeup. They even make my lower lash line appear super bright!

I love the different colors and designs available, and it is a huge relief to know that this brand is US FDA-approved. Previously being an ophtha-phobe, I don't think I'm ready to venture into off-brand lenses just yet.

See Clear Circle Lens in Warm Brown is comfortable and blends well with my natural eye color, brown. They make me look so doll-like! It's fantastic for daily wear but if you want to wear an outrageous costume or have vividly hazel eyes, this might not be the lens for you.

Stay tuned as I plan to review ALL 10 designs in the See Clear Circle Lens Collection!

You may visit their site,
or follow their Facebook page, The See Clear Company.

I was sent a sample kit of 2 pairs of each color in my grade of the See Clear Circle Lens Collection for editorial consideration. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for a positive feature.

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