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Review: Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF 50+ PA++++

Thispost is part of my Japan 2014 Beauty Series. It's my take on "beauty-travel blogging" where I post exclusively about fashion, makeup, skincare and shopping while travelling to another land.

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Travelling during the tit-freezingest days of Japan's winter, I brought sunscreen as a facial spackle rather than sun protection. I assumed

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF 50+ PA++++

 would feel tacky and thick but it ended being forgettable in terms of both feel and appearance.

sunkiller perfect strong plus spf 50+ pa++++ sunscreen

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF 50+ PA++++, Php 445 / 30ml


Php 445 / 30ml, available in Watson's stores wherever Heroine Make is sold. I got mine with the Box C (Glam Light)

July 2014 BDJ Box - Heroine Make Exclusive


Product Description:

Sunkiller is a brand under the

Isehan / Kiss Me corporation

. Other brands in this family are Heroine Make and Heavy Rotation, just to name a few.

"Strong" sunblocks have PA+++ but Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus is the first mass market sunscreen to be rated PA++++. Briefly, SPF numbers refer to UVB protection (burning) while PA+ ratings refer to UVA protection (premature aging and spots.)

Sunkiller PSP,

not to be confused with Sony PSP

, is a milky sunscreen good for the face and body. The packaging is handy for travel at your standard 30ml bottle but it might not suffice for full-body, everyday use. It has a dropper tip that allows you to dispense a controlled amount of the runny formula.

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus Dispensing Tip

How to Use:

Filipinas hate applying skincare because the heat and humidity make everything so uncomfortable. Many of us don't use the proper amount of sunscreen on the face, which is about a peso-size dollop.

Use sunscreen as the last step in your skincare and let it set before applying makeup.


sunkiller perfect strong plus spf 50+ pa++++ sunscreen

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus Texture

Sunkiller PSP

is one of the wateriest sunscreens I've ever encountered. You can see how it immediately streaks through my palm print. This is pretty amazing considering it's broad spectrum with high SPF and PA rankings. It applies shiny and a teensy bit white casted but dries pretty much transparent and matte.

Sunkiller PSP applies transparent and shiny

Sunkiller PSP dries up after ten seconds, and mattifies during wear

It is really easy to apply and blend though I do feel a bit of a fine grit to it as it dries up throughout the day. I think it does last pretty long as I can still feel some of it when I remove my makeup at night, but I still think it's safer to reapply especially when you're going to sweat or stay out for a longer time.


Extremely high SPF and PA ranking, while still being comfortable.


I might try other brands just for the sake of it, but I already consider Sunkiller PSP a hall-of-famer. Without a shadow of a doubt!

Beauty by Tellie


: 5 / 5 - 

Trusted By Tellie

- versatile, lightweight and high broad spectrum protection

sunkiller perfect strong plus spf 50+ pa++++ sunscreen

Sunkiller PSP is palm sized!

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus

 is good for everyday wear as it is extremely lightweight and dries transparent and matte. I find it great as a makeup base as it doesn't affect the texture of my foundation!

Sunkiller PSP


even better

to use at the beach and outdoor sporting events. The high rating means the sunscreen is able to "take" more of the sun's damage and stay intact for longer. I'd like to follow the advice of reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours, but we all know I'm lazy and this product gives me comfort that I can stretch that window a bit.

Sunkiller is available in select Watson's stores, wherever Heroine Make is sold. I received this sample as part of a self-purchased BDJ Box last

July 2014


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