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Lipstick Madness + An Eyeshadow Palette!

I don't know how, but I've fallen back into lipstick hoarding. It was around 5 lipsticks ago that I went, okay, that's enough. I'm set for life and I have all the colors I can imagine. I bought enough acrylic cases for my stash, tucked every little baby into place  and  called it a day.

Little by little, pretty little new things pop up and then I think to myself; lipsticks are basically immortal, one more wouldn't hurt. I've a lot of ugly colors anyway. Eventually, one piece mushroomed to ten fourteen here's the dirty details:

I'm missing the Clio and Shiseido buddies here because my Clio pair was forgotten in my Korea pile, and the Shiseido tubes didn't exist at the time of photoshooting. Yes, that's how bad / fast my hoarding is.

MAC Keepsakes Viva Glamorous Lip Palette (USD 40) and NARS And God Created the Woman (USD 59)

I love having like-minded friends who can give me inside scoop and great word-of-mouth reviews on makeup I'm interested in. That said, I hate having like-minded friends who steer me toward purchases I should have been otherwise blissfully ignorant about.

Take Juvy ( She posted about the MAC Keepsakes (Holiday 2014) Viva Glamorous Lip Palette here and just the fact that it housed all 6 Viva Glam shades needed no further selling. SOLD! Of course, it's nowhere to be found in the Philippines so I asked my visiting Fairy GodPinsan from the US if she could please buy it online to bring here when she arrives.

One purchase seemed wasteful, so I added the NARS And God Created The Woman eyeshadow palette. This was prophesied by Bea (, featured here.) Honestly, the Lorac PRO is so perfect for me but this is too darn beautiful to pass up! And it's tiny! And has a brush! And a primer!

I did not stand a chance against NARS AGCTW.

These two items rang me up at USD 100. It's just meant to be, guys!

Lancome Lip Glosses

My Fairy GodPinsan is a saaaaint! She didn't know about my recent addiction to lip products but of course, she knows. In addition to my favors, this Lancome lip gloss quadruplet is her Christmas gift to me. EEEEE! <3

The Face Shop Overgirl Edge Lip Crayon in OR 01 (PHP 495)

Once upon a time, I was extremely bored and called up the BFF for an Insta-date, where you hop along all those restaurants people can't seem to stop posting about on Instagram. When we were sufficiently stuffed, we stalked the mall and she asked for advice on brow products.

There weren't a lot of makeup stores in Eastwood so we ended up in The Face Shop. I wasn't planning on buying anything but as you all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This evil 'friend' of mine swatched a fuschia lipstick from the Overgirl Edge collection and I squealed in jealousy. Everything in the collection comes in a teardrop-shaped crayon, i.e. lippies and glimmer sticks. I know it seems like such a cheap marketing ploy but the cute shape actually makes application of lippies from the narrow corners up to the fat pout sooo easy. I picked up OR 01, a soft orange color.

Even when I'm the one being consulted, I still end up buying makeup :< In my defense, I've been looking for a salmony orange lippie since forever and cute things are my weakness. It's just meant to be, guys!

NARS Satin Lipstick in Niagara* (PHP 1450) and NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Palais Royale* (PHP 1450)

NARS has an amazing way with colors. It's one step short of magical how they come up with sublimely flattering yet unique hues. I try to hate on it by clinging on to the weaknesses of the brand: the dirt-prone packaging and inconsistent quality. Yet when faced with a rave, what's one to do?

NARS Niagara is a staple NARS lipstick. It's one of those shades that has a reputation for being really easy to wear and being universally flattering. I'm always drawn to it on the counter but never had the guts to buy it. Palais Royale on the other hand, was a mis-recall from my NARS compendium, Carina ( I thought she raved about Palais Royale but she actually reviewed the Grand Palais eye duo :[

I'm not due for a lipstick splurge, obviously, but the Townie Titles launch at Alabang Center came up and well... it's just meant to be, guys!

Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure in 1 (KRW 6000) and 11 (KRW 18 000)

This purchase is all Dawn's ( fault. Clio wasn't really in my radar but after she gushed about Sandara's ageless beauty and how the Lipnicures were constantly out of stock in the Philippines, I knew this spur-of-the-moment vacation had a grand purpose.

I picked up shade 11 from a drugstore at KRW 18,000 (~PHP 750) and then found shades 1 and 3 on sale at Club Clio for just KRW 6,000 (~PHP 250.) Of course I had to get another one! Of-fucking-course. Not only were they on sale, Club Clio had this huge GWP regardless of amount spent. It's just meant to be, guys!

MAC Runner (Nasty Gals Collection, PHP 1000) Velvet Teddy (PHP 900)

I got my Velvet Teddy at Php 900 + shipping from one of my makeup trading groups on Facebook. The previous owner was easy to transact with, usage was accurately described (95%) and it was shipped in very good condition. I just regret the immediate grab because although MAC Philippines doesn't carry this color, lots of online sellers do and they go as low as PHP 800 for brand new ones.

Saw Runner on Temptalia, fell in love. Swatched it in person, still in love. Of course I ran out to get it! So beautiful, no regrets.

I refrain from purchasing MAC lipsticks because I can get 3 or 4 more through the Back 2 MAC program, but Gunner is limited edition, and Velvet Teddy is too hot to wait. It's just meant to be, guys!

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in RS 711** and RD 302**

And now, hot off the presses, I just added another pair to my collection! RS 711 and RD 302 were two lippies I picked up during IBF 2015. Truth be told, I was a fear mongerer for Shiseido lipsticks after a bad swatching experience a couple of years ago. It was only due to me filling up my skincare quota that I begrudgingly gave the lipsticks a try.

After my twin Krissy asked me to fish out a 711 with full confidence, not even bothering to check the shade, I was intrigued. I stepped back and swatched 711 and fell in love. It looked like a mature, but un-granny shade. I just love how it looks on my skin. It also wasn't sticky as I expected so I picked up another, a soft pink in RD 302. Summer's bringing out a really dainty mood in me these days!

If only the Maquillage Snow Beauty were available during the IBF, I would have surely gone for that. Alas, it wasn't and that gave me the opportunity to give the lippies a second chance. It's just meant to be, guys!

So that's all the latest in my lipstick collection since the year started! I know I sound hateful while I talk of how I was coerced (COERCED!) into buying but having these babies in my hands makes me soooo gooey inside ^_^

*I was able to purchase NARS Satin Lipstick in Niagara and Satin Lip Pencil in Palais Royale through the GC's for the live trial of the Alabang Town Center Townie Titles shopping program.

**The Shiseido lipsticks were purchased via GCs during the press launch of the Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015.

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