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Beauty By Tellie Attends + Looty For My Booty: Shiseido IBF 2015

Jen Jimenez Yalung of Shiseido talks about IBF 2015
Last March 13, I attended the launch of the second Shiseido International Beauty Fair (IBF.) What exactly is the IBF? It's a beauty event sponsored by Shiseido with the theme of "empowering women through beauty." It is exactly what you imagine a beauty fair would be: activities, sales, workshops and FREEBIES for all! Here's what to expect:

Carmel Villongco assists Naka Maeda in her Skincar + Makeup Masterclass
  • A masterclass skincare and makeup workshop by Ms. Naka Maeda, who flew all the way from Japan, and resident chief makeup artist, Carmel Villongco. Better follow Shiseido's SNS (links below) for the exact workshop schedules in each of the three venues!
  • Free skincare consultation using the Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor machines of Shiseido.
  • Trial of the exclusive Beauty Simulator app by Shiseido, which is basically a live makeup app. Use their iPad's front-facing camera to try three Shiseido looks without having to take off your makeup!
Purple Eyeshadow and Pink Lips on the Shiseido Beauty Simulator App
  • If you liked any of the simulated looks from the app, you can have them done for real with a makeup demo + personalized tutorial and eyebrow reshaping
  • Other booth activities like: quick facial and hand massage
  • Last but not the least... don't hold me to this as I haven't verified, but I think there's a sale for the IBF-participating malls during their hosting dates? It was 20% off at the Megamall boutique when we visited after the IBF event!

Filipinos are extremely shy and bashful, especially around high end skincare. If you've always wanted to have that Shiseido experience but were always too shy to drop by the boutiques, visit the IBF in the following venues for awesome freebies and fun activities:

March 13-19: SM Mega Fashion Hall Activity Center
March 23-28: Podium Activity Center
March 29-31: SM Mall of Asia Atrium

The best part is no entrance fee, no purchase necessary!

If you do go, use the hashtag #ShiseidoIBF2015 to get your tweets and selfies seen by the team!

Thanks for bringing us all together! (Sophie Uy of
For the awesome part, my IBF 2015 looty for my booty! As a final activity, media partners were issued GC's to fill up our loot bags, here's what I got:

Shiseido Wet Force, Glow Enhancing Primer, Veiled Rouge Lipsticks, Perfecting Stick Concealer, White Lucent All Day Brightener
L-R: Shiseido Wet Force, Glow Enhancing Primer, Veiled Rouge Lipsticks, Perfecting Stick Concealer, White Lucent All Day Brightener
I'm most excited about the Shiseido Wet Force SPF 50+ sunblock. It is recommended to reapply normal sunscreen every 2 hours and I constantly worry how mine might have washed off since I love to swim around. The wetter the better, Wet Force actually works with water. Minerals found in sweat and water work with Wet Force to make your SPF "sturdier." Can't wait to experiment with this!

I was enticed by the White Lucent All Day Brightener when I noticed its goopy texture during Ms. Naka's demo. Whatever it promises, I'm down for it. I simply hate how my skin changes drastically in between AM and PM skincare!

What intrigues me about the Glow Enhancing Primer is how Shiseido studied what makes luminescent skin so beautiful. Trust me; the press material for this product reads like an advanced CGI animation guide. So apparently, beautiful bare skin absorbs light before reflecting it back out, creating this illusion that light comes from within. When you have imperfections and discolorations, they tend to absorb the light, thus making your skin look dull and lifeless. 

Whereas typical primers set a mattifying film over your skin, the Glow Enhancing Primer absorbs, spreads and bends light in a way that resembles beautiful bare skin.

The Perfecting Stick Concealer on the other hand, needs no scientific explanation. At first swipe, you will fall in love with its creamy, high coverage yet lightweight texture. Knowing that Shiseido owns cle de peau, premiere concealer-maker of the whole wide universe, I immediately grabbed one in my shade!

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in RS 711 and RD 302
I briefly talked about the two lippies in my Lipstick Madness post. The Veiled Rouges are meant to be long-wearing, transfer-free and moisturizing lippies.

Typical lipsticks have a uniform formula. This creates a strong, localized shine or no shine texture at all over the lips. The Shiseido Veiled Rouge is formulated in such a way that a sheer, pearl veil element layers on top of the moisturizing and pigment elements of the lipstick. This not only protects the pigment from wearing off, but also scatters and diffuses light to create a soft and delicate shine.

For such a sheer and moisturizing lippie, I'm pretty surprised that it does manage to be long-wearing. I expect this texture, which is similar to MAC Lustre, to retain color for 2-4 hours. I've only worn it twice but it seems to stay on for at least 4-6 hours, maybe even more!

Before I Go...

...I'd like to share my own purchases! ShariMikki and I stayed a bit to grab a bite after the event. Mikki had to pass by Makeup Forever (MOO-FE) but we also randomly passed by Shiseido. I could not let go of the Snow Powder; I couldn't hang it up, couldn't lay it down to rest, couldn't put it in a box to the left.

So I bought it. Here are the purchases I hugged and gushed over at dinner:

Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation and Maquillage Snow Beauty Powder
The Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation in Light Ochre will be my first waterproof foundation. Everyone trusts this so I do, too. Plus, how could I resist, it was 25% off from Php 1750 to Php 1300. ARG!

The Maquillage Snow Beauty Powder comes in the most beautiful, oversized, bejewelled compact. It is a translucent powder overloaded with skincare properties, so much so that you can use it to set your PM skincare. This is the major selling point for me as layering always leaves me with flypaper face.

shiseido maquillage snow beauty powder
Maquillage Snow Beauty Powder
Doesn't it look like something straight out of Frozen?

You may visit the site,
Follow them on their SNS;
Shiseido Philippines on Facebook,
@ShiseidoPH on Twitter, and
@ShiseidoPH on Instagram

Media friends were invited to the IBF 2015 launch in SM Mega Fashion Hall last March 13. Snacks were served and we were shown a skincare + makeup demo by Ms. Naka Maeda. Carmel Villongco showcased Shiseido's Summer 2015 releases. Afterwards, we were all given GCs to fill up our loot bags.

I used press materials to inform my discussion about the products. This is not a full review. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this feature.

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