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Tellie Visits: Skin House, Mayon for Revlite Laser

It's been a while since I added to this series! It only means one thing: I haven't been pampering myself much lately, huhuhu.

skin house beauty and laser clinic
Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic review

Last March 5, I was invited to try Revlite laser treatment over at Skin House in Mayon St., Quezon City. It's less than ten minutes away from home and it got me really excited! There are a lot of beauty establishments close by but many of them don't make the cut for me. It would be a great convenience if I find a reliable place within a ten minute radius to get some pampering done.


The clinic is situated above East West Bank, Mayon. I almost missed it the first time because I wasn't aware it was on the second floor! I made both appointments at 5:30PM, after banking hours, so I conveniently had a lot of space to park my car.

skin house beauty and laser clinic
Skin House

The clinic itself is well kept. It's has a few decorations here and there but everything is kept clean. There are 4 treatment rooms and 1 full bathroom because the clinic also offers spa treatments like body scrubs.

skin house beauty and laser clinic
Skin House Revlite Treatment Room

The Revlite treatment room has a really comfy treatment bed that's lined with towels, which I assume is changed per client. The towels laid during both visits white, full (not threadbare) and clean! There is also an additional electric fan in the room despite the whole facility being sufficiently air-conditioned. I wondered why it was there at first, but as I was going through my Revlite, I realized that it helped a lot with the excess heat from all the lasering!


This is the second time I've tried Revlite so I expected to breeze through it pretty quickly. WRONG. Skin House places such high importance on safety first and foremost, regardless if you act like a huge know-it-all or a newbie who doesn't even know the difference between diode and IPL. They're not afraid to take time making sure you're safe and that you know exactly what you're getting into, even if it means that you end up not doing the treatment. I was deeply impressed with that.

How much do they value safety? The first time I went, I had already been sitting with the owner, Joanne Yu, for about 30 minutes just gathering information about the clinic and what to expect from Revlite. They had already taken my pertinent medical history, prepared my treatment room and briefed about Revlite pre-treatment and post-treatment concerns when I was asked for the nth time if I was sure I wasn't using any whitening agent on my underarm.

skin house revlite machine
Skin House Revlite Machine

At this nth time, I decided to search the internet for the ingredients list of the pink Belo deodorant. I realized the full name was Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant. My attendant quickly informed Joanne of the predicament and she wasted no time in sending me home despite everything being completely ready for me. Some business establishments will take the risk, since nandyan ka na (you're already there), but they didn't.

I think it's a big deal that they're not afraid to turn away clients for their own good. It tells me that they treasure their reputation above all. It means that the client's safety is more important than the client's money, while too many shady aesthetic centers have it the other way around. They will quickly take your money with an idealized sales pitch and leave you hanging when you experience complications.

skin house beauty and laser clinic pre and post treatment care
Skin House Revlite Laser: Pre and Post Treatment Care

In fact, as I was waiting for my session, Skin House also turned away another client. The client was insisting that she'll take the risk despite being on a whitening facial regimen because she's extremely busy and can't find another time to have Revlite done. It may not seem like much but these are difficult business decisions to make as you risk losing clients who insist on having it their way 100% of the time despite health warnings and high risks of complications.

As another safety measure, they have a dermatologist that's a phone call away and is on duty every Wednesday, I think (I will update this once confirmed, I forgot the derma's schedule!)


So I had my second appointment five days later to completely get the whitening agents out of my system. I was given the pre and post treatment reminders again and on we went with the treatment. My underarms were prepped by cleaning off the deodorant and shaving off the most of the hair.

skin house revlite laser review
I will show my blurry double chin but not my underarms!

My attendant explained that we would be going on a very low setting as it was my first time, my hairs were very fine and my skin is pretty fair. She pointed out all the areas to be done and explained that she would try to do as many passes as possible, which is ideal for Revlite procedures. She explained that we would stop once I felt discomfort or as soon as she notices that my skin has gone red.

The goggles were placed over my eyes and we began. As explained, I felt the sensation of rubber bands snapping against my underarm. I got my underarm done because the invitation was preceded by the L'Oreal Magic Blur launch, a blur cream which contains retinol. We were able to get two passes on each underarm before she halted the procedure. My underarms had already gone red even though I didn't feel discomfort at all.


I was given a soothing cream for my arm pits and recommended Milcu antiperspirant; a gentle alternative that doesn't have any whitening or irritating agent.

It's hard to say if the darkness or chicken skin around my armpits improved. One needs 6-8 sessions to see complete results with Revlite. I think my hair grew back slower, though I can't say for sure. The hairs that were left behind after the treatment were white, just like last time.


Skin House is a reliable laser clinic. Nowadays, it's so hard to trust laser offerings especially from budget chain clinics because they put too much emphasis on efficiency, turnover and profits. I trust Skin House because of their extreme caution and emphasis on safety and information.


Revlite Laser Treatment for underarms is available at Skin House for  Php 3500 / session; Php 10,000 minimum of 5 sessions; Php 17500 minimum of 10 sessions.

Revlite Laser Treatment for the face is available at Skin House for Php 7000 / session; Php 17500 minimum of 5 sessions.

Gentleyag Laser Skin Tightening is also available in the Pasig branch.

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic:
2F 170 Mayon St., near Retiro St., Q.C.
0917-8987546 / 0917-5157546
Clinic Hours: Mon, Wed-Fri, 11AM - 8PM. Sat & Sun 10AM-7PM

8006 Pioneer St., cor. United St., Pasig City
Inside Pioneer Centre Supermarket

You may visit their Facebook page, Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic

I was invited by Skin House for a complimentary Revlite Laser Treatment. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature. I exercise best effort in providing hard evidence for any positive feedback. Please understand that I do not want to show my underarms until they are perfect :<

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