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Review: L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream

It seems like lately, everyone's been coming up with their own blur creams. How are they any different from primers anyway?

l'oreal revitalift magic blur cream review
L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream, Php 899 / 50ml

I don't know... that was a legit question: what's the difference between a primer and a blur cream?


Php 899 / 50ml jar. I've seen variations that come in a tube, I'm not sure if it's a regional packaging option or a completely different product.

Product Description:

L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream is meant as Step 4 of your Revitalift regimen, with Revitalift Foam as Step 1, Revitalift Toner as Step 2 and Revitalift Day Cream SPF 23 PA++. It is both cosmetic and skincare. The Insta-blur technology immediately blurs fine lines and pores while its skincare components nourish the skin throughout the day.

The Revitalift series is charged with Pro-Retinol A, which I consider to be a high maintenance skincare ingredient. Retinol is universally drying and requires sun protection in tandem. On the other hand, it is probably the only skincare ingredient with scientifically proven anti-aging action. In a nutshell: retinol works on a molecular level, meaning it alters the molecular state of your skin. Common moisturizers simply augment the cell condition superficially.

l'oreal revitalift magic blur cream review
L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream
The cream itself has a thick yet airy body. It's pretty lightweight and carries a mild perfumed fragrance.

How to Use:

Use about half a pea size for the whole face or a quarter-of-a-pea for targeted areas. Ideally, sunscreen is the last step in your skincare but since Magic Blur Cream is also a cosmetic, the cream goes last. I like to think of it as a primer, and I put primer on top of sunscreen so that the sunscreen doesn't 'erase' the blur finish.

Neo Day Spa's special L'Oreal Revitalift Facial routine


I tried. I really did.

I just cannot get over how itchy this made me feel! I have extremely dry skin to begin with- but using Magic Blur dried me up so much that it made me want to rip my skin off with my fingernails. And to think, I have enough self-discipline that I never rake my fingernails over my skin! I could never seem to get my skin used to it and widening my Blur Cream rest intervals never alleviated the symptoms. I think I went up to 4 days in between usage and still felt extremely itchy with it.

Ninja photo while getting the facial!

What a big crying shame because I've been seriously considering a Retinol Routine.

On a purely cosmetic level?

The blur action in this cream is extremely good. It has the highest blur action out of all primers I've tried (Benefit POREfection, Ellana Minerals Let's Make It Last and Urban Decay Complexion Primer, in order of blur capacity.) It is also the most comfortable and lightweight. Other silicone primers seem to give me some degree of oilage ranging from fudgy brownies to Gulf of Mexico. I guess if silica-oil is a problem of yours, be thankful that Magic Blur Cream has drying retinol!

l'oreal revitalift magic blur cream review
Post Facial Selfie: Just Blur Cream, NO FOUNDATION, NO FILTER (but P.S. my front cam sucks)

In terms of longevity, it's carried my least-flattering foundation (in terms of wear down) quite beautifully for about 16 hours, give or take. Normally, this foundation cracks up on me by hour 6 regardless of my skin condition.

On average-to-awesome skin days, I can get by with just undereye concealer, lip tint and the Blur Cream!


It's a bridge between skincare and cosmetics. The Magic Blur Cream is effective on both ends with retinol-as-skincare and a priming action that blurs imperfections and preserves foundation.


Noooo :( It's a great product, I'll give you that, but way too high maintenance. I would've loved for a retinol-based product not to irritate me but unfortunately, this is a pretty common side effect.

Beauty by Tellie score: 5 / 5 - Trusted By Tellie - effective as both skincare and cosmetic

Though I bailed on my review too soon for my liking, there is no need for me to go through an uncomfortably long test period because retinol is scientifically proven. The fact that I felt so irritated by the cream guarantees a reasonable enough amount of retinol in the Magic Blur Cream, at least enough for its presence to be felt.

If you are are looking to beef up an existing retinol routine, the L'oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Cream is a great addition to bridge your skincare and cosmetic retinols. In fact, I'm not even sure any other cosmetic has retinol in it! With a milder dosage of retinol than pure retinol creams, I think this is a safe bet for beginners looking to try the ~magic of retinol.

I highly recommend this as an instant-effect cream while you're waiting for your other retinols to give you a more permanent blur!

I was invited to the L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur Cream launch at last February 24. Media friends were treated to a small lunch and were presented the Revitalift routine with particular focus on the Magic Blur Cream. Afterwards, we were treated to a 20-minute facial using the Revitalift line. We also got to take home a sample of the Magic Blur Cream.

I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature.

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