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X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner + Brush Stand!

Tellerie Brush Cleanserie Setup #1:
Hand (my precious, petal-like hand!)
Tabo / Dipper
Homemade Liq Detergent-based Cleanser
Rolled-up Face Towels

Tellerie Brush Cleanserie Setup #2:
Mochi Plate and Silicone Brush Pads
Toaster Pan
Koren Zander Brush Soap
BBQ Rack + Microfiber towels

Tellerie Brush Cleanserie Setup #3 (current):
Sigma Brush Cleansing Glove
X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner
Brush Stand

STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE! We are movin' on uuuup *snaps*


Php 2450 for the Complete Set (incl: stand + cleaner + free bowl)
Php 450 for the Cleaner Set (incl: cleaner + free bowl)
Php 400 for a Cleaner Refill (just return the bowl)
Php 2000 for the Stand + Mesh Pouch

+Php 200 for Metro Manila courier
+Php 300 nationwide
Free pickup option (Makati City)

x solid makeup brush cleaner complete set
Complete Set (Php 2450) X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner, Brush Stand, Mesh Pouch, Rinsing Bowl, Mesh Bag
I purchased the Complete Set- it actually includes a mesh pouch for the stand and a huge mesh bayong (wet market bag) for the whole kit. I think 2k is a little steep for the stand but I couldn't resist. I'm quite tired of my Daiso setup involving a BBQ rack and microfiber towels.

Product Description:

x solid makeup brush cleaner

The X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner is supposedly "Organic, Homemade, Natural and Eco-Friendly" but without an ingredients list, is quite hard to verify. It is housed in a sturdy glass tub with a tupperware-style lid. This is absolute perfection because you can set the tub near the sink and it won't slide around as you swish the brush heads on it.

It looks like ordinary soap and has a really clean, slightly citrus smell. It looks a tiny bit greasier than normal soap but I haven't had any melting issues with it, even in this infernal heat we are currently trudging through.

This is proudly produced by local makeup artist Xeng Zulueta. I recall her from the workshop-demo for Pixy's Philippine launch last year!

Might be my imagination but Eula's tub seems a whole lot bigger.

How to Use:

Swish your wet brush head onto the solid cleanser and work up a lather once loaded with soap.

Don't be afraid to use a lot more soap! It's a low-lather formula so you're going to need a bit of buffer to protect your brushes from friction.


X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner
x solid makeup brush cleaner
X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner
I first thought this soap wasn't any good as it made my brushes SHED. SO. MUCH. Then, I realized that I had been using way too little soap and was rubbing my brushes raw on my Sigma Brush Cleansing Glove!

With enough soap, the monthly stains on my brushes are easily washed off- even more so than when I was using the diluted dishwashing liquid formula I used in my first brush cleaning tutorial. It doesn't make sense, but X SMBC rinses off super easily!

As for cleaning powers, it still leaves a tint. I would say my white brushes are 98% white. Definitely not bad but I would like to be at the 99-100 range if I'm going through all the trouble of deep cleaning my brushes!

I like that it leaves my brushes feeling so soft afterwards! My one drop of olive oil on the original homemade formula does just the same, but the Koren Zander brush soap made my brushes ridiculously stiff so I guess not all soaps are created equal.

Rinsing Bowl

I feel like my Sigma glove is way better than this bowl, so I didn't bother using it. Maybe another time? On a ratchet brush? Because I fear for the safety of my brush bristles if I scrub them up against the bowl, especially since the cleaner is such a low-lather formula.

Brush Stand
brush stand
Brush Stand
The stand is a bit wobbly if you want to move it around, but otherwise stays up without worry, even without brushes counterbalancing it! Just make sure to place it on a level surface.

Brush Stand: Aerial View
It's basically two sheets of acrylic sandwiching a rubber layer that stoppers brush handles even if they don't perfectly fit the brush slot. It has 4 slots for huge handles, 6 for medium and 16 for small. It's extremely space-saving and I was surprised it held Batch 1 of my makeup brushes... it even had room for a couple of smudge eyeliners


Locally-made, affordable.


No. I would still like to try other soaps.

Beauty by Tellie score: 3.5 / 5 - does the job

X Solid Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans effectively and leaves my brushes feeling soft. I don't feel it's particularly game-changing but the price point is pretty awesome and she does throw in a lot of extras to make it worth your while. The mesh bayong is great for the beach, and I use the bowl to hold yet-to-be-cleaned brushes while the mesh pouch is great for crafters who have a lot of stationery lying around.

The brush stand is an absolute must, though I would be happy for you if you can find a cheaper source.

I wouldn't mind polishing this whole giant tub off before trying another brush soap!

You may email Xeng Zulueta at for orders and inquiries.

P.S. Props to Eula for sharing this awesome product first! Watch her vlog here.

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