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Sample Room BBQ: Bloating Up My Stash!

Last March 14, I was invited as a "friend of Sample Room" to the Sample Room BBQ Cookout Party. Every year, Sample Room holds a summer thanksgiving party with bloggers and friends so they can sit down, unwind and count blessings.

I wasn't part of last year's celebration so I was completely excited when I got an invite this year! I even stressed about finding waterproof makeup (MUFE Aqua Brow and Shiseido Sun Protection) because it was a ~pool party. I didn't nag so much because a faded face is not the worst thing that could happen in a pool party... half the attendees were visited by you-know-what!

Photo by: Sample Room (Facebook)
Melting face aside, I had one blessing to add to the count because it was here that Sophie and Diana (Kaths and Nat were hiding in the shade!) officially extended an invitation for me to join the Bloggers' Circle- whee! Now I can be even more updated with the freshest beauty releases! I love the idea of Sample Room doing waves and waves of sampling instead of being tied to a monthly subscription schedule. This way, Sample Room is able to post samples as soon as they get a hold of 'em and are in turn, able to ship out faster!

Each attendant was issued a summer bag with the following summer essentials:

Sample Room BBQ War Kit!
Belo SunExpert Sunbrella with UPF 50
Belo SunExpert Face SPF 40
Belo SunExpert Body SPF 60
Belo SunExpert Mist SPF 50
NEW: Belo SunExpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50

Belo has been killing it with their SunExpert line! I love their Face sunscreen and I really should review it because I keep putting it off and I have a feeling that the expiration date's gonna roll around and I still will not have reviewed it.

ANYWAY. The Sunbrella parasol's been out for a few months, but it was only at the party that I learned that UPF is SPF in terms of fabric. I think it's a great idea, and I've been using this parasol everyday on my walk to work! I know fabric already has some degree of SPF but grading it seems like a pretty standardized way of looking at things. The parasol has a literal silver lining on the inside that helps keep some of the heat out!

The Sheer Spray is also new, and is formulated for sensitive skin. Apparently, sunscreen allergy is kinda common, which sucks because sensitive skin needs even more sun protection than thick cowhide skin like mine! If you get irritated by sunscreen, do check this out!

Atlas Towel (Violet)

I used the Atlas Towel on my recent trip to Japan and it was awesome! It folded up so tiny, about one third of my regular towel's overall volume, and dried up pretty fast.

With my buddy of the day, my twin Krissy
FreshLook Contact Lenses in Gray and Blue

I have not yet used FreshLook lenses as I am still playing around with my See Clear pack- the Choco subcollection is winning so far! Gem has raved about how natural-looking the gray ones are and I can't wait to see for my self!

Jean and Rosz Shades and Earrings

Jean and Rosz offer trendy yet affordable accessories. I got this cool solid white set of shades and earrings. I keep forgetting to use them, though! I think they'll go well with a certain pair of swimsuit but I haven't put them together yet.... (take me to the beach, hint hint ehem ehem.)

Mini photoshoot with Krissy while no one else was in the pool!
Nekkid Manila Lip Balm tin, Lip scrub and carrying pouch

I have not tried these either, but I am so excited fo' sho!

Orly Mini Duo

Trust in Orly. Love minis! The colors are really summery so these, I cannot put off trying any longer!

Sharing the blessings by teaching the kids in the community how to read
Sac People Folding Bags x 2

Sac's folding bags have come in so handy during travel! I love buying trinkets abroad so it's great to keep in my main purse. When I've bought too many little knickknacks, I just unroll it and keep everything in one eco-friendly bag.

I think I'll also be able to take it to the beach because the material looks waterproof and unattractive to sand!

Zenutrients Bug Repellant

So apt. Hate mosquitos. I love the citrus smell so even if it doesn't work, I'll have an awesome room fragrance.

Sample Room is the country's first and only try before you buy service. Register at and get 100 points for free. 

100 not enough? Click here to learn more about the VIP program and get 1000 points!

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