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Review: Browhaus Bi-Liners (Eyeliner + Smudge Shadow-in-one!)

Last March 25, I attended the Strip + Browhaus' 2015 media preview. Here's what to watch out for in 2015 from our grooming duo:
  1. Stripping with Melons - Strip is known for fun and quirky wax flavors! The new Melon Gel Wax is a soft wax scented with the refreshing sweetness of watermelons. The wax may be new but HSQ never goes away. You can expect the same Hygiene, Speed and Quality treatment from them!
  2. Brow Resurrection - Beyond temporary grooming, Browhaus now offers Brow Resurrection; a semi-permanent brow enhancement. I understand it is a tattoo, but uses special pigment that does not fade into green!
  3. Summer Promo! Underarm waxing at Strip is just Php 200, regular price at Php 698 (terms and conditions apply.) I just saw this promo while doing some background research for this post!
  4. Browhaus Bi-Liners!
browhaus bi-liners
Browhaus Bi-Liners, Php 498 each

I'm most excited about Browhaus Bi-Liners. Available in 5 colors, these metallic auto eye liners can be smudged into smokey eye shadows! Noir Shimmer (black,) Midnight Blue (navy,) Burgundy (maroon,) Amber (copper,) and Blush (pink) are available at Php 498 each.

browhaus bi-liners swatch burgundy blush noir shimmer amber midnight blue

I find the blend a bit odd as the shimmers visibly sit way above the color pigment. It detracts from a pure metallic / foil effect and ventures more into glittered territory. I do wonder if I'm using it wrong as I was so afraid to apply pressure. It's been incredibly hot and you know I have issues with stick products.

browhaus bi-liners

I wish the texture was a bit more workable as it tugs a lot but I like how vibrant the colors are! With some colored liners, they seem to be hover around some dull, dark undistinguishable shade. Midnight Blue and Burgundy show up distinct and definitely not muddied. Blush and Amber, on the other hand, do not fade away into a nondescript silvery shimmer shade as light eyeliners tend to.

browhaus bi-liner parts
Browhaus Bi-Liner Parts
I also like the all-in-oneness. How cute is the easy-to-clean rubber smudger capped above the sharpener, capped above the pencil body!

sharpener browhaus bi-liner
Sharpening the Browhaus Bi-Liner
However, I'm honestly having some trouble using the blending nub. It roughly tugs against my skin and the uncreamy eyeliner. Maybe I am using it wrong? The last few times I've tried had me working the eyeliner off in patches. Tips would be greatly appreciated!

browhaus bi-liners

The press kit for the 2015 preview includes the Strip Bi-Liners and service vouchers. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature.

Strip and Browhaus branches are located at Serendra, Greenbelt 5 and SM Mega Fashion Hall.

You may visit and for their service menu and contact information.

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