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Monthly Skincare Snippets: Za Perfect Solution for September 2014!

Hullo! I had a moment to sit down this Labor Day (May 1) and felt like going back to this seemingly forgotten series: the Monthly Skincare Snippets. I enjoy writing these posts but I can't seem to get them out in time because my press samples demand more attention.

That doesn't sit well with me, I feel bad about this :[
za perfect solution
Za Perfect Solution
Weird intro aside...


Php 345 / 100 pts / 100g for the Za Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam
Php 595 / 200 pts / 150ml for the Za Perfect Solution Toner
Php 625 / 250 pts / 125ml for the Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer
Php 725 / 300 pts / 40g for the Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream

That's a total of Php 2290 / 850 points for the whole Za Perfect Solution skincare line.  I think I got a great deal since VIP (1000 pts) costs only Php 1000!

These points refer to these items originally being samples I got from Sample Room last November 2013. I'd been trying it on and off since but finally decided to use it exclusively last September.

Product Description:

Za Perfect Solution items are housed in hot pink packaging. This is their anti-aging skincare line and consists of all the items mentioned above plus the Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum.

I'm so glad Sample Room forewent the Serum, I hate whitening products! Not just out of principle, but also because they're so high maintenance! On the flipside... I'm a fan of layering and a non-whitening serum would've been greatly appreciated.

How to Use:

AM: Cleansing Foam, Toner, Moisturizer
PM: Cleansing Foam, Toner, Collagen Cream

Since my skin is super dry, I layered the Collagen Cream over the Moisturizer every night.


za perfect solution cleansing foam
Za Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam, Php 345 / 100g

I think the Shiseido group has gotten the foaming cleanser down to an exact science. The Cleansing Foam is already so thick and airy straight out of the tube.

za perfect solution cleansing foam used

The foam is similarly thick yet airy. It covers my face opaquely and feels quite bouncy! It doesn't feel tightening to me though I do have a pretty high tolerance for cleansing foams.

za perfect solution toner
Za Perfect Solution Toner, Php 595 / 150ml

The Toner was kind of blah for me. It is not an astringent so you may use it liberally but I feel like the perfect lather of the Cleansing Foam prepped my face sufficiently for moisturizer!

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer
Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer, Php 625 / 125ml
I'm not a fan of the Moisturizer though I imagine those with oily skin types could love this. I found it extremely watery, which I normally enjoy, but I don't feel like it set as quick as it should for being so liquidy. I also didn't notice significant moisture, which is okay for daytime use but still disappointing overall for an anti-aging line (read: deep moisture line). It is best used in several thin layers rather than one huge "serving."

Za Perfect Solution Collagen Cream, Php 725 / 40g
Absolute star! The Collagen Cream is rich and pillowy. I scoffed at claims that it contains 7 trillion collagen capsules but that's absolutely what it feels like! It seems solid and unrelenting, even difficult to pick up off the jar. When pressed on to the skin, it seemingly melts into an emollient deep-sinking liquid with a nice "seal" over it. It's almost like a sleeping pack and makes a lot of sense for PM use!


Collagen Cream, for sure! The Cleansing Foam isn't bad at all but I don't think it can be truly anti-aging simply by the fact that this is a foaming cleanser.


It's good and it worked for me but I don't feel strongly about it. It could be the lack of layers but I don't feel like going back to this set despite it being reliable.

Beauty by Tellie score: 4 / 5 - works very well but not game-changing

Apart from the Collagen Cream, which seems to double-duty as a sleeping pack, I found the line to be merely okay. I think it outperforms its price point and if you want value-for-money, this is a good option. It's sufficient on my dry skin. Flakes were managed, but I was thiiis short of bright and glowing skin.

This trial has made me notice Shiseido group's strength with foaming cleansers and difficulty with drugstore toners.

Za Cosmetics are available at SM Department Stores, Watsons and Chimes.
You may visit their website at
Follow them on social media;
@ZAcosmeticsPH on Twitter, and
@ZAcosmeticsPH on Instagram.

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