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June 2015 BDJ Box: Bioderma Exclusive!

The June box comes a bit late at June 27 and throughout the month people have been guessing that it's Dove Oxygen. Thank God it's not.

Though currently in the country, Bioderma isn't super easily available and there's so much more to discover with this recently-imported brand than Dove. Those who are after the "grocery" side of subscription boxes might be disappointed, but as a fan of beauty discoveries, I am so pumped for this box!

june 2015 bdj box bioderma unboxing
June 2015 BDJ Box Unboxing: Bioderma Exclusvie
Here's What's Inside, Sorted by Favorites:

bioderma atoderm samples
Bioderma Atoderm Intensive x 2, Atoderm Preventive
The Atoderm line (blue) is meant for very dry to atopic, sensitive skin. Atopic denotes a measure of hypersensitivity, which makes sense because dry skin is easily irritated. I, for example, don't feel rawness but have constant bumps on my skin. As it is the most suited for my skin condition, this set of samples is my favorite.

My top, top 1 would have to be the Atoderm Intensive (Soothing Emollient Care). It's your standard moisturizer for extremely dry skin and works by fortifying the skin barrier to prevent irritation and enhance suppleness. The Atoderm Preventive (Nourishing Cream) is also a moisturizer, but for infants and young children. It is meant to prevent the development of chronic dry skin at the onset - how I wish I'd heard of this when I was younger!

I was in my teens when I first started noticing how dry my skin really was. I was taught not to touch my nails to my face so I didn't immediately notice how easily my skin streaks under the fingernails. In anticipation of acne, I started looking closely at my face and instead of full-on acne, noticed small bumps and fuzzes of dry flakes. I thought I had a disease since moistrurizer didn't seem to help - I would only figure out much later in life that I had to layer and choose creams wisely. IF ONLY!

bioderma sensibio samples
Bioderma Sensibio Eye, Sensibio DS +, Sensibio AR, Sensibio Light
The Sensibio line (pink) is meant for sensitive skin identified by redness and feelings of 'heat.' The skin is fragile, prone to dehydration and feelings of tightness but not necessarily dry as such conditions can exist in oily skin. 

I'm most looking forward to the Sensibio Eye (Eye Contour Gel) because I've read raves about it. Not only are my eyes drier than the rest of my face, the dehydration makes it appear darkest so a good eye cream is much appreciated.

Next is the Sensibio AR (Anti-Redness Care.) I've been noticing that my overall facial complexion is sometimes reddish. If my skin happens to be sensitive unlike previously assumed, it will help me make better skincare choices.

The Sensibio Light (Soothing Cream) is the standrard moisturizer of the line. It treats sensitive skin thus warding off that tight feeling and red hue. The Sensibio DS+ is also a moisturizer, but is specifically geared towards those with sebhorrhoeic dermatitis. I'm not certain if this has drug-like properties that people without the condition may freely use.

the body shop lip and cheek stain
The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain, Php 795 / 8ml
Would you believe this is my first The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain?! For such a cult product and blogging for as long as I have, I find it funny that I haven't tried this yet. I'm pretty adventurous anyway so I am usually uninterested (sometimes skeptical) of a proven good product. Nonetheless, it's absolutely perfect that BDJ included this full-size makeup because the small sample tubes would've felt lonely on their own. This comes in only third because I am more excited to discover Bioderma rather than affirm something I am 75% sure I will like.

bioderma sebium samples
Bioderma Sebium AKN, Sebium H20
Bioderma's Sebium line (green) is meant for oily, blemished skin. Though my skin is neither, I am still seriously considering a trial because the Sebium H20 (Purifying Micelle Solution) HAS SUCH A CUTE SAMPLE PACK :[ In a nutshell, this is a waterbased, non-rinse cleanser and makeup remover. I have the Sensibio TS H20 discussed in two parts here and here.

Sebium AKN (Smoothing Purifying Care) is the standard cleanser of the line. It aims to control oil and eventually smoothen skin. This is last as I'm most afraid to try this, feeling that the Micelle Solution will be more forgiving on my dry skin.

*not in photos, Php 200 voucher for The Body Shop for a minimum Php 1000 purchase valid 'til December 31, 2015.

june 2015 bdj box bioderma curation card
Box Value: Php 795 for a 580 subscription (discounting the sample sizes)

The numbers don't look too appealing but this is the happiest I've been with the box for a while. There is a generous sampling of travel-size tubes in a great variety of very common skin types (sensitive, dry and oily.) The brand is fresh and not readily available, thus reigniting that long-forgotten "beauty discovery" element to the box.

The full-size cosmetic, though nothing new, is well-known to be good and thus not a disappointment to new users nor old ones.

june 2015 bdj box bioderma curation card

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