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Mattify Any Nail Polish with BK Super Matte Surface Oil

Mattify Any Nail Polish with BK Super Matte Surface Oil

Sick and tired of the usual nail polish look? Here's something worth a try: BK Super Matte Surface Oil.

Coral topped with BK Super Matte Surface Oil

How it works: it's a topcoat that transforms any polish into a matte-finish. It's applied with a brush, just like a clear coat, and applies wet. The awesome part is that once you see it completely frosted or matte, that means it's dry and ready to go - no need to press down and worry about leaving fingerprints on your manicure!

BK in particular dries up really fast. It takes less than a minute to completely frost over. Once it's matte, you can type, clack your fingernails on a tabletop and open zippers. Here is a one-week old mani from

Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell

 that I extended / transformed by painting over with BK Matte Oil:

before and after bk super matte surface oil

Before and After: BK Super Matte Surface Oil

In the before and after photo, you can see the surface oil is still drying on my ring finger (second from left). The rest have dried in a matter of seconds. I didn't even have enough time to close the bottle, grab my camera and take this shot!

BK has a flattened brush that is pretty thick. The formula is very easy to apply evenly and dries up very fast. It also completely mattifies!

Aside from transforming any color polish, you can also do nail art with the Matte Oil by doing a monochrome-dual texture french tip or chalkboard nail art.


Any other nail art ideas?

BK Matte Oil costs USD 4.36 or ~Php 200 / 15ml from the Born Pretty Store.

Pat gave me an OMG Matte Potion on one of our meet ups (she's sweet like that!) and heard that it costs around Php 20. I haven't tried it yet but she says it works just as well!

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