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SCOUTED: Dual Sharpener with Pick

Sorry about the awkward title, I just didn't know how best to actually call these sharpeners.

dual sharpener with pick
Dual Sharpener with Pick, Php 59.75, Landmark TriNoma
You know how there are lip pencils and lip crayons? One is sized like a regular graphite pencil while the other is more or less the same size as a jumbo crayon (duh). I have both sizes for both lip and eye products... that's a lot of sharpeners. I know in my elementary school days I had those dual sharpeners that served 2 sizes so I'm pretty sure cosmetics have the same thing.

To be honest, I don't want to spend on such a dumb thing as a sharpener. I think it's such an unnecessary and wasteful tool. After all, I can just take a sanitized razor blade to my cosmetics AND sharpen it in a really economical way. With a blade, I can go for the wood and avoid the lead... sharpeners can't do this.

dual sharpener with pick
Sharpener cover not in photo.
But for just Php 59.75, I think I can afford to be frivolous.

I bought the NYX dual sharpener along with the NYX Jumbo Crayons but I didn't think it was blog-worthy. I got it for the Jumbo (eye) Crayons but ended up needing to sharpen one of my NARS lip pencils first. I realized I didn't want a shared-use sharpener for my eye and lip stuff; that's an infection waiting to happen!

dual sharpener with pick in action

This China-brand dual sharpener (Php 59.75, Landmark TriNoma) is great! It has a cover to keep all the junk in and more importantly, a pick wedged between the two blades. SO CLEVER! Sometimes I break pencils when I sharpen them, and I hate the tip that gets left behind. This pick is looooooove.

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