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Morning Savior: My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake and Spray

I want to share this amazing discovery with you guys! The adverts for My Amazing Blow Dry Secret say that it cuts hair drying time in half, and I'm like bitch, please! What a random When I had my longer cleopatra hair, it'd take about 20 minutes to blow dry my hair. When I use MABDS, it takes me around 10... and yes, I did time it!

my amazing blow dry secret quick dry shake and spray
My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake and Spray, Php 1250 / 200ml

Not only that, I love how glossy and "orderly" my hair looks when I use MABDS. It looks like I had a treatment or hair mask from the salon! Full review after the jump.


Php 1250 / 200ml. My Amazing Hair Secrets items are available in Beauty Bar and Browhaus salons.

Product Description:

The My Amazing Blowdry Secret Quick Dry Shake and Spray is a color-safe, heat protectant, conditioning spray meant to cut down blow dry time in half.

It is a biphase clear and pink solution. The clear half contains the quick-dry agents while the pink half contains the hydrators and the protectors. Apparently, the quick-dry agents bind to the water in your hair 

How to Use:

Shake well until the two layers combine. Spray onto towel-dried hair as a heat protectant or onto styled hair as a finishing mist.

my amazing blow dry secret quick dry shake and spray

I find that it works best with plain towel dried hair. If I towel-dry my hair too much, it becomes pointless. Untowelled at all, and the water seems to be too much for the formula.


The half-time claims are absolutely legitimate, at least for me! I'm only after speeding up my morning routine but the gloss and soft body are added bonuses I won't take for granted.


I've never tried any other heat protectant or quick dry spray so I can't say. At this stage, I am simply loving how true it is to advertising!


Possibly, if other quick dry or heat protectants prove ineffective.

Beauty by Tellie score: 5 / 5 - blow dries in half the time, prettifies hair like a hair mask

This spray is absolutely true to its claims. I love how it cuts my blow dry time in half and gives me more time in the morning. My hair looks healthy and feels soft even when I skip conditioner for the day. This is a gift from the gods! Do you people know any similar product? I'd love to try.

You may visit their website,
or follow their Facebook page, My Amazing Hair Secrets Philippines.

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