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My Second JuRo Salon Exclusif Session: Asian Pop Star

If you haven't noticed yet, I have latent dreams of becoming an Asian popstar. Latent, because, how the fuck can I manifest these ambitions if I dance like a jangling skeleton and sing like a fingernail-chalkboard duet. Nonetheless, I fulfill it in ways I can, like through hair and makeup; check this legendary Dara makeover by Dawn of Peachy Pink Sisters.
Coming to JuRo a second time was a hard decision. I was invited for a complimentary session the first time but once I came back on my own schedule, all bets were off. It's not that I don't trust them; it was instead, something we all grapple with when we see a JuRo masterpiece and ask the next obvious question: how much does it cost?

Starting at Php 8000 for a cut (hair color is a tricky thing to estimate), this is not like buying Peter's Butterball just because you felt like chewing on something sweet. In my case, the summer was getting unbearably hot and I really wanted to help my case of hair loss along, so I decided to take the leap with a pixie cut.

This was no ordinary leap. I have not gone short in 15 years and the shortest I've done since then is a shoulder-length bob when I chopped off my first digi perm.

Why JuRo?
before after juro salon exclusif
Going short is such a risk. The less hair you have to hide behind, the more your face gets put in the forefront. Every single flaw seems to be emphasized because there's no hair to frame or hide it.
I didn't want to take the risk with anyone else. I've sworn off short hair for 15 years because I always get "wig" cuts stuck in the 80s and now with my ~thriving beauty blogger career (please bear with me), I simply cannot afford to look like a fool.

The Result

Asian Pop Star, achieved!
Jude gave me an asymmetrical pixie worthy of a hair show. I've done everything with this hair: I didn't wash it the first two days, I've towel dried it, blow dried without styling and since I've gotten the cut last May 9, I haven't had one single bad hair day. The back never seems to fall out of place and the voluminous shape always holds.
I tuck the tail and wear a thin headband to "convert" it into a sweeter look
Rose on the other hand, gave me this luminescent red hair that seems so alive even when I'm not moving. I've been extra pale the whole of summer (go figure) and she made a brighter red from last time that made my skin look so precious! She's into face framing patterns now, and I think the way she cut up the pieces to highlight made Jude's cut look so much more interesting.
AND THE TAIL. Did I already mention how luminescent it is?  That's fucking glow-in-the-dark.
I'm sure there are other hair stylists who've clocked in the same number of hours (or more) training and honing their craft. The difference is that Jude and Rose are not afraid to close up shop for a few weeks to go travel and invest in the intangibles: exposure, innovation and competition in the toughest hairstyling circuits. This in turn elevates their sense of style and level of taste soo much faster than if they'd just practiced their craft locally.
Unwashed Hair. Annoying Girl.
I only said "make me look like an Asian Pop Star" and this is what they gave me. I think I'm keeping my hair short :)

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I was given a "friendly rate" by the salon due to a previous partnership. I was not approached, paid nor otherwise compensated for this feature. All opinions presented are my own.

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