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New Blogging Schedule + Back to Face Masks

Hello everyone! For the month of June, I've been able to post almost every day, at around 9pm-12mn. I'm working on a more consistent schedule, though I'd rather get used to posting everyday first. Do add me on Bloglovin' or Feedly to get updated! Oh and please do me a favor: I am at 927 likes on my Facebook page (Beauty By Tellie) and I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a like, if you haven't already. I'd like to be at 1000 before my third blogging year this December!

Have to get through this by the year's end... I haven't even included my Japan Mask haul :/

I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but I love writing everyday now. The schedule is gruelling, and there are days when I'm so mentally tired that I want to check out but the feeling of writing and getting (hopefully) better is much more rewarding than I anticipated. I used to say I would only write when inspiration struck me, but lately I find that waiting for that "perfect" moment of inspiration leaves me stuck, dry and improving at the pace of molasses. Talented artists and geniuses achieve greatness because their passion affords them no rest; this is what I tell myself when I feel like postponing a post.

Now that I write so frequently, I am able to get my PR stuff out in time and have space for my current beauty thoughts. It was so easy to procrastinate writing about my current brow routine, my favorite BB cream or a new lash curling technique when I was writing 3-4 times a week. By the time I'd think up a concept, I'd have attended a new event or be sent a new item for consideration and things get exponentially pushed back.
Back on the Masking Track
Speaking of timely writing, I am back to daily sheet masks and wondering how to chronicle this. I have multiple variants or sheets of certain mask brands, while I have one flimsy piece of others so I'm not sure how the writing schedule will go. I wanted to make it a weekly fluff post, but I want it to be really current... something like "mask of the week" or such. I need a series name and a schedule, damn it!

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