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Review: Klenspop Circle Lens in Bunny Color Brown

Hey guys! Some time ago I was contacted for another round of contact lens testing. Klenspop deals with a huge catalogue of clear lenses, circle lenses, toric lenses and accessories. Don't let the cutesy graphics deceive you, they are US FDA certified, along with a lot of international FDA equivalents (including EU, Korea, China, Japan, etc.) Visit their About page to learn more.

klenspop circle lens in bunny color brown review

I love these lenses! Quick question though: how do you know when to throw them away? I don't use them every day and I change solutions every use or every week, whichever comes first. The last time I took a chance on lenses, I had sore eyes for a week!

klenspop circle lens in bunny color brown review
Klenspop Circle Lens in Bunny Color Brown
The heat is ridiculous! Forgive my upper lip sweat, uhuhuhu.


USD 20, currently on sale at USD 15 over at

They deliver only to select countries. Please check this page for more information.

Product Description:

Klenspop carries several different brands and this particular design is by Lenspop.

I'm not sure if all lens kits are packaged the same but mine arrived in a Klenspop box, with the vials tucked safely in a plastic shell. The kit includes a lens case and lens tweezers.

The power is printed on top of the vial
Bunny Color Brown is one of the best-sellers currently on sale. It has a full-pixelated design. The outer ring is a dark brown, with similarly colored flecks pointing inward. There are a bit more solid, but still pixelated hazel flecks. These comprise about 60-75% of the main design.

The center ring is pretty wide, which is not only functional but also helpful in allowing the main design to blend with the iris color.

klenspop circle lens in bunny color brown review
Information is in Korean
Diameter: 14mm (graphic diameter, 13.8mm)
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm

klenspop circle lens in bunny color brown review before after
Before and After: Klenspop in Bunny Color Brown

Enlargement - At 13.8mm graphic design and 14mm overall design, this is on the smaller side of circle lenses. This is good for conservative people who want to ease into circle lenses but are afraid of looking too obvious. There is noticeable enlargement but the dark brown pixelated outer ring doesn't make it look as extreme as opposed to black.

Comfort - I think 38% water content is standard for contact lens but this pair feels particularly soft and comfy. I'm a bit paranoid though because it keeps sticking to itself and I never want to experience a crumpled-in-the-lid contact lens situation.

Circle lenses are supposed to be worn for only 6-8 hours but I've worn this for 10 up. I've only had to use comfort drops around the 6-8 hour mark, which is pretty on par for me. I've worn them in relaxed environments, and dry environments (shopping malls and cinema) and found them pretty comfortable.

klenspop circle lens in bunny color brown review closeup

Color Accuracy / Print - I LOVE this design. From afar and up to conversational distance, it looks like my eyes are warm and huge. The wide center window helps the design blend with the iris color and let me watch a movie in a dimly lit cinema without any trouble. The last time I wore contact lenses in a dark environment, my vision became foggy, like I had proteins (muta) all over the surface.

The hazel flecks translate orange on me but from a conversational distance, it just looks like my eyes are a bit lighter than they normally are. 75% of the people who know my face couldn't immediately tell I'm wearing them, probably because of the size and well-blended print.


Multiple certifications. Small diameter, Easily blendable (read: natural) design.


I wish I could! But maybe another design?

Beauty by Tellie score: 4.5 / 5 - blendable, natural-looking circle lens starter!

These are great for those who are still starting with circle lens but are intimidated of looking doll-like. There's enough design element to make it interesting, but not too much to make it look completely unnatural.

klenspop circle lens in bunny color brown review
Klenspop Circle Lens in Bunny Color Brown
The wide spacing of the dark brown pixels allow it to blend with my eye color while the close spacing of the hazel pixels allow it to pop and show through the dark areas. Love this for a subtle is she or isn't she circle lens kinda day.

You may visit their website
You may follow them, Klenspop on Facebook.

I was sent a kit of Klenspop in Bunny Color Brown for editorial consideration. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated for a positive review.

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