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Loving You Lately: Rohto Lycee Eye Drops (Contact)

Last year, I saw a review of Rohto Lycee Eye Drops from The packaging is SQUEE levels kind of cute and if you know me, you know that it is my ultimate weakness: TINY THINGS.

rohto lycee eye drops contact lens review

However, Rohto Lycee Eye Drops are comfort drops, meaning, they're meant for contact lens wearers. Contact lens were the faaaaarthest thing from my mind as recently as about three months ago so I simply let go of the lemming.

rohto lycee eye drops contact lens review

Things change and by the time I dropped by Japan the second time around, I was already wearing lenses and picked myself up a trial bottle. I couldn't read Japanese and didn't want to bother with the language barrier with the SAs so I simply chose this variant that had a picture of colored contacts.

Things I love about Rohto Lycee:

Super cute packaging.

rohto lycee eye drops contact lens review
HELLO. People keep bitching about how tiny this is but I find it perfect to keep in your purse. If you want quantity, isn't that what those huge jugs of solution are forrr?

Minty feeling.

rohto lycee eye drops contact lens review box packaging
Rohto Eyedrops are known for their cooling effect. The Rohto Lycees are at level 1 of 5 and I like how FRESH I feel after. It's as if I just washed my eyes! Kind of curious to try the level 3, and from there gauge if I can take a 5.

I've seen people talk about level 7s but my packaging only has 5 on the meter... I'm guessing it's the regular Rohtos that get up to a 7.

Free-angle nozzle.

rohto lycee eye drops contact lens review
This nozzle design means that you don't have to hold the bottle all the way upside down when using it. I should've demonstrated droppering with the bottle flat on its face but I didn't immediately think of that and I've already wasted one drop of product for this shot!!!

It may seem like a superfluous design feature but I used drops once before a movie theater and having to keep the bottle upright to drop was such an embarrassing mess of jangly limbs.

Twist up or Pull up cap.

To open the bottle, you can twist the cap like a screw cap or straight away pull it off the body. I like how it considers those of us who just can't be bothered to give any fucks.

rohto lycee eye drops contact lens review

You may visit their site, for more information.

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