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Too Cool for School at Glorietta 3: My Shopping Picks

Too Cool for School opened its 6th store last June at Glorietta 3. I was invited for the launch but I didn't notice there was a time frame for it- I thought it was completely open time! It's been supremely hectic for me the past month and I only had time to visit last week.

I didn't want to waste my time so I shopped while I was there. Here are my top cute finds. No makeup this time, I find their skincare much more interesting!

Too Cool for School Spot Solution Stick, Php 399 / 20 sticks
Three things caught my eye but I decided to buy only these Spot Solution Sticks. It's the only one I have immediate use for; I'm having a hormonal breakout that I've been stamping down with sheet masks.

These ready-to-use buds really cute! I have to study up on how to use them first.

Wonderful Multiple Stick, Php 675 / 13g
I've read a lot of raves on the Wonderful Multiple Stick. I swatched it in-store and the consistency is pretty nice. Deeply moisturizing yet not slick. I was told you can use it on your face, body, lips, even hair... anywhere that feels dry, apparently! I've been looking for a moistuzing stick since forever but I opted out of this... for the meantime.

Brachiosaurus Powerful Oil Control Paper, Php 245 / 50 sheets
Another cute find, the Brachiosaurus Powerful Oil Control Paper sheets look a bit thin, to be honest. I love that it has a dense puff though, similar to BB and CC cushion puffs. This puff has a sticky side used to pick up the oil control sheets so the oil won't bleed through your fingertips. Very clever! That's a huge pet peeve of mine, and I'm not even that oily! 

Refills are available.

The Too Cool for School kiosk in Glorietta 3 is located on the Ground Floor, to the right of the entrance. It is in the hallway near Terranova, Lacoste, Crocs and Powerbooks. The testers are limited and stocks are hidden so you will definitely need assistance while shopping. Don't fret though, the TCFS SAs here are super nice!

Too Cool for School, Glorietta 3

You may visit their site,
You may also follow their SNS for promos and announcements;
Too Cool for School Philippines on Facebook,
@toocoolgirlph on Twitter and Instagram.

I was invited to the kiosk opening but I missed it. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this feature.

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