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Weekend Post: 5 Things That Made Me Go 'Santo Dios' Today

It's Sunday, praise the Lord, Halleloo!!

I was shooting for my contact lens review earlier today and it seemed like one SANTO DIOS* moment after another, so I thought I'd do a little fluff piece under my Weekend Post tag.

*Santo Dios is my overreaction to small inconveniences that exasperate me like whut.

  • Oh this lead here is quite small, here let me twist it up to reveal more eyebrow pencil goodne-

Ubos na! (It's used up!)

One of my favorite brow pencils is on its last millimeter. I am completely blind-sided! Warn a girl, will you? I just 'groomed' my brows. THEY ARE SPARSER THAN SPARSE - I CAN'T.

  • I have to wake up early, do my eyes and shoot a selfie for my contact lens review after church.

In this infernal summer and in all the sunny-as-fuck weekdays I procrastinated this shoot because I'm in the office during the magical sunlight hours, you give me this shitass gloomy weather 3PM on a Sunday?
  • Makeups, stuffs, did received, one of the contestant, makes my skin looked oily, it does gives me

I am so worried about catching faulty grammar. I feel it sometimes.... It has begin.

  • To nap, to eat, or to blog?

Just pick one instead of going with d.) worry until I get nothing done!

  • I have an open time 'event' in Glorietta.


The land of traffic. The 'black hole.' Where everything that enters cannot leave and time runs differently. Time check, 6am. Moved 3 meters. Time check, 8am.

Give me strength, O Lord.

So those are my little drama queen moments of the day. What's life without spice, I never say. Just felt like doing another fluff post like the Beauty Scenario Tag because they're fun as hell and I can't churn out the quality content I want for the posting schedule I'm curently going for (3-4x a week.)

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