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Air Optix Colors in Honey (Graded)

Soo.. I've taken my requisite week to try out and get a feel of the Air Optix Colors in Honey, graded -0.75. Just as with Pure Hazel they feel very comfortable and breathable. On a full-day wear which is about 8-12 hours, I don't need to use rewetting drops.

air optix colors in honey vibrant
Air Optix Colors in Honey (Vibrant line) 

As with before, I find the material pretty nice. It doesn't feel like anything in my eye though again, I'm quite insensitive in that respect (lol). It's very thin that I'm afraid it will fold inside my eyeball... it actually did once when I was having difficulty putting them on!

air optix colors in honey vibrant

I complained about Pure Hazel's center window last time and the same pretty much applies here. I realize it's not the size of the window because objectively speaking, it is pretty generous. The lenses just must not fit me because in low lighting situations, with the pupil dilated, I've noticed that my blown up irises don't line up to the center of the window. This could be because of the shape of my eye, or how the design lines up against the bigger lens... After blinking very hard everything lines up and I can't see perfectly, so I'm not really sure what's happening. Thoughts?


Php 1450, Php 1550 for a graded pair. Air Optix Colors is available in most optical shops.

Product Description:

air optix colors honey vibrant

I've discussed the specifics in length with my first Air Optix Colors review. Here I'll just describe the coloring of Honey lenses from the Vibrant line, specifically.

Honey is a highly pixelated design with a fiery amber inner ring, a brown primary color and a cool, dark brown outer ring.


Enlargement - These measure 14.2mm but don't significantly enlarge my eyes. The design is printed with a generous clear outer border.

Comfort - As I've come to expect with Air Optix Colors, these do not necessitate rewetting drops. That's always a good thing because comfy eyes mean white eyes, and white eyes mean vibrant looking colors!

Color Accuracy / Print - Ok let me just WOW and gather my supplication because I worship this color. I thought Pure Hazel was the one but I take it back. Honey is definitely my color. A little bit redder than actual bee's honey, Honey pats a bit chestnut / auburn on me and as of the moment, anything reddish-brown's been the it thing for me!

Honey on your left, Pure Hazel on your right
Like with Pure Hazel, the blend looks very natural and while I've gotten a few 'maybe it does look a bit feline' comments on Pure Hazel, nobody notices when I'm wearing Honey. I reckon the yellowish hues in Pure Hazel pulls feline even though Honey is much more... Vibrant.

3-in-1 color technology works, and they are truly comfortable... This is a special treat for people who don't have perfect vision because people who do are free to take off their lenses the moment they feel uncomfortable. That's it, no repercussions. People with poor eyesight need a glasses contingency or must stick through the punishment of uncomfy lenses if they want VISION!


Sorely tempted to play with the crazier colors, but am being put off by the price, to be honest. I'm not a regular lens wearer so I'm not even sure how much use they would get, if ever.

Beauty by Tellie score: 4.75 / 5

I feel 4.75 is unjust seeing as how there's a fit issue... that should warrant a lower score, right? The base curve is 8.6mm, same as the last 3 lenses I've tried. I think it's more of where the design falls against my eye, because the blank outer border is pretty wide.

Even so, I can't find it in me to give a lower score. It's just very comfortable, I see perfectly 75% of the time AND THE REDDISH BROWN COLOR IS BLOWING MY SOCKS, MY PANTIES, ALL MY CLOTHES OFF! Love, love, love you like a love song, Air Optix Colors in Honey!!!

air optix colors in honey vibrant
Like a love song!

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I was invited to Air Optix Colors Philippine launch last March 6. Press were given starter kits including disinfecting solution, rewetting drops, 2 graded or plain lens and a case. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this second feature.

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