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The Dove 7 Day Test

Last night marked day 7 of my Dove 7 Day Test and I cannot wait to share my experience with you!

Dove challenged me to use the Dove Beauty Bar on my face for 7 Days. Seven days is freakishly short but thankfully, I've been doing a lot of Skincare Snippets and have my skin observation game down to pat.

My cleanser this month is in rotation anyway so I was able to join the challenge without any repercussion!

Day 1:

Not much has changed by my skin- and this may be a good thing. Instantaneous reactions on me mean something either very good, or very bad. When my skin is instantly improved, that means it also deteriorates just as quickly once I stop the regimen.

I have 6 days left with Dove. I'm not jumping for joy yet.

Day 2:

I begin to notice how it doesn't lather as much as I thought it would. I used to use this in the shower and I swear it lathered as much as harsh soap! I consciously try not to overwork the lather and the bar, just in case too much will dry me out.

Day 3:

I note that my current serum (the first step post-cleansing) is extremely well-absorbed. My skin feels clean and balanced.

Sniffing the Dove Beauty Bar

Day 4:

I try to stop for one day. All things seem good so far so it's about time to shake it up just to see the reaction.

Not good. My skin went dry pretty quickly. It cracked and chapped throughout the day. I honestly don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but I'm resolved to go back to Dove for the next day.

Day 5:

Back to Dove and skin feels nice again. It's funny, the change isn't as pronounced in day 1 (pre-Dove) as it is in day 4 (mid-week Dove pause.)

Day 6:

Skin seems calm, though I need the help of the rest of my skincare to be able to confidently walk out.

Day 7:

Last day with Dove. I think I'll keep using it and switch it back and forth with my current cleanser, just to gain more insight.

Overall, in seven days, skin is smoother and more glowing!

dove 7 day test kit

Now, Dove has generously offered 7 BBT readers the chance to execute their own #Dove7DayTest. This is just a flash giveaway so I hope the frequent visitors get in! Here are the contest rules:
  1. Contest period starts at the time of posting and ends Aug 4, 12mn. The seven winners will be announced via Instagram and must email me at beautybytellie within 24 hours to qualify for the prize.
  2. Open to residents of Metro Manila willing to pick up the Dove Kits in Makati.
  3. The prize basket contains: 2 x 100g Dove White Beauty Bar, 1 x 135g Dove Beauty Bar, 1 x 200ml Dove Deep Nourishing Body Wash, 1 x 400ml Dove Deep Nourishing Wash, 1 x 250ml Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion and shower accessories.
  4. Mechanics:
    • Follow @BeautyByTellie and @DovePH on Instagram
    • Regram this photo with the caption: "I want to try the #Dove7DayTest with @BeautyByTellie and @DovePH! Try Dove for smoother, more glowing skin in just 7 days. Visit for the full mechanics."
    • Optional: Include why you're excited to try the #Dove7DayTest in the caption to increase your chances of winning!
Good luck!

This post is in partnership with Dove Philippines. I was given key talk points but the skin diary remains true-to-experience. 

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