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Growing Contact Lens Collection

Great news on the contact lens front: I have two new lenses sent in by Klenspop! Model Brown and Model Gray have very fine pixels and I can't wait to see what they look like when worn. I have a feeling they will subtly enhance the size of my irises though I'm a bit nervous the colors won't matter; maybe gray is for lighter eyes and brown is for darker eyes.

I don't think you can appreciate the design while they're still inside the vial so here they are as shown on the website.

Klenspop T.Top brand lenses in Model Brown and Model Gray

I have to delay trial for about a week as I'm still testing my Air Optix Honey (Graded). I've just finished a couple of weeks with the Air Optix Pure Hazel (Graded) and loved the color! Somehow it worked out to be more obvious and less subtle than I anticipated. All good though, because the blend is pretty nice. You may read my full review of Pure Hazel here.

Since Honey came in a blister pack, I picked up a new lens case as all my other cases are occupied. I bought this Php 49.75 lens case from Fisher Mall Department Store where I took out a Php 50 and was surprised with so many coins for change. I took a second look and the case was on 20% discount (Php 39.8) YAY! It comes with an applicator, tweezers and mirrored case (!) YAY! Still doing away with the tweezers and applicator, but I'm pretty glad the mirror is there. 

This case is SO TINY I'm probably saving about half the solution I use with the free Alcon cases. I overfilled it at first, just not being used to this small a case. If only it had that laundering board at the bottom, it'd be perfect :( Read my contact lens guide where I previously touched on these topics.

Air Optix in Honey

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, contact lens are my new addiction. Or nagpapalusot lang ako at nag-aadik talaga sa cases...

I'm shooting my Air Optix Honey review hopefully by the weekend. Trying Klenspop the week after, wish me luck.

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