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Mask of the Moment: Hayan Sheet Masks (Assorted)

I bought these Php 20 Hayan Masks last year (Php 99 for 5 pcs at and told myself that if they turned out fine, I would buy a bunch for daily use. Little did I know I would venture out to Korea and Japan and find myself picking up 2 years worth of sheet masks :>

hayan sheet mask
Hayan Sheet Masks
The only silver lining is that I've been consistent with daily sheet mask use and bar the night I got a facial, I've been using masks every single day!

These masks come in at 23g. That's pretty standard for sheet masks and in fact, my first MOTM, Klairs, had 23ml as well. Hayan has a very obvious thick sheet, and much less essence. Usually I'd squeeze out a palmful of essence from Klairs but with Hayan, I barely get a few drops out.

working while wearing Hayan Sheet Mask
So of that 23g pack, most of the weight is in the sheet. At first I thought it was a bad deal seeing as it's the essence that does the magic, but in defence of the Hayan sheets; they never chafe and are able to "push" down the essence onto my skin much more effectively than standard-thickness sheet masks. The thickness compensates for the lack of essence by preventing what little essence there is from evaporating faster. Though this has less essence than Klairs, it has the same dry-down rate of about an hour.

Hayan Masks are packaged pretty compact. The foils are rectangular, almost a third of the typical square foils of mask.

I was able to get 5 variants: Wrinkle Repair (red,) Whitening (aqua,) Galactomyces (royal blue,) EGF (pink) and Phyto Collagen (green.) These were all marked for women so I'm guessing Hayan has a men's line.


Php 99 for 5 pcs at, which won't load so I'm not sure if the online store still exists.

Product Description:

Hayan Masks have a rich and milky essence. It's pretty standard; I don't find anything particularly notable about it.

wearing hayan sheet mask phyto collagen
Wrinkle Repair smells citrusy / sporty, though in a more diffused manner than the Galactomyces. Galactomyces nearly gave me a headache, and I don't even mind fragrance most of the time. It almost smelled like those overbearing Axe body sprays! Whitening simply smelled clean, while Phyto Collagen smelled plant-like, though I may have been influenced by the packaging. EGF is my favorite variant, because it's mentholated and felt sooo relaxing.

All of the masks fragrance lasted throughout wear time, which is about an hour for me.


wide Hayan Sheet Mask
Hayan Masks have a really wide sheet. This would be great for those who have wider, plate-like faces (kiddiiiiing) or for those people who want to cover their ears?? I like the lateral slits on the eyes because they allow the sheet to lay mostly flat on the eye area, though I did find that the eye slots themselves were too close together and some of the essence would seep dangerously close to my eyes. The chin is also too wide for me, so it would dry out in about 20 minutes because it hardly lay against my skin.


Thick sheet that doesn't chafe. I wish they had a skincare line so I could try to overdose the essence.

wearing hayan sheet mask wrinkle repair


Not bad but not rebuy-worthy, especially at this point.

Beauty by Tellie score: 3.5 / 5 - thick sheet and lasting fragrance 

Depending on where you source them, Hayan Sheet Masks are very affordable. I like that they're very good quality for daily use. The mask is of comfortable quality, the fit is averagely designed and the fragrances last an hour or so. Though there's not a lot of leftover essence, there is enough to keep the mask soaked just to the tipping point.

Mask lovin' with my college friends! We were gonna surf but the triplet typhoons came and rained on our parade :(
They still are mostly average for me because I have flakes of skin right now, and while I blame it on my poorly-performing Skincare Snippets, daily sheet masking should be able to take care of it. This means the essence is just average, and nothing particularly spectacular.

Click through to enlarge the detailed packet shots:

hayan galactomyces sheet mask for womanhayan phyto collagen sheet mask for womanhayan whitening mask sheet for woman

hayan wrinkle repair mask sheet for womanhayan egf mask sheet for woman

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