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How to: Thread Your Own Moustache

Hi everyone! I've been sitting on this information since forever and a lot of my friends get really interested whenever I tell them I thread my own upper lip. Apparently, people still pay to get this done? UGH! Please don't!

Working on your upper lip leaves both hands in a comfortable position, and you don't need to follow a specific shape: you just whack it all off. So why pay for it? I understand paying to have your eyebrows shaped. It's hard to choose which hairs to take off and which ones to leave in to achieve a good shape. Heck I even understand having your underarms waxed. The extreme angle at which you have to look at your armpits strains the eye sooo much. One arm is practically useless.

STEP 1: Take any thread

Take a piece of thread about 1.5 feet long. An easy way for me to get my length is to hold the loose string with my left hand and unwind the spool with my right hand, up to the left shoulder- the same side as the hand holding the loose end.

I use a regular cotton-woven thread but I think technicians use rubber or elastic, which is why it hurts a lot. I have really fine hair and cotton is able to sweep it all out, albeit with a bit more passes.

STEP 2: Form an unbreakable circle

Tie a secure knot using the two ends. I find that three simple knots are enough but if you are a girl scout, use your expertise here. 

Make sure it won't fall apart with a couple of solid tugs.

STEP 3: The Twist

Anchor the loop using your middle finger and thumbs. Then, twist one hand to form a... "twist" in the middle. I do 3-5 twists. Once you're working on your face, you will intuitively feel that too many twists gives you slack, and too little does not pluck out hairs effectively. Adjust accordingly.

This twist is important. Focus on it as it is the part of the thread that will pluck out your hairs.

STEP 4: Pinch and Stretch

Lay the twist as flat and close as possible to your skin. Pinch one side of the thread system and stretch the other to "move" the twist left and right. Any hair caught by the twist will be plucked out.

And there you go! That's how I thread my upper lip. I say upper lip because you would need an x-y-z axis for any kind of precision shaping. You can't do that to yourself, and factoid: that's why threading technicians bite the thread.

Now, fair warning, the first handful of times I did this, I uncontrollably teared up. Yes, it hurts a bit. Especially above my cupid's bow. You'll get used to it, I hardly flinch nowadays. Just move the twist really fast and hard to minimize the pain.

I hope you all give it a shot! It's super easy and convenient. Once I figured out that it was the twist that took out the hair, everything fell into place. You may not get any hair off when you first pinch and stretch but you'll quickly learn! Here's a few more tips I picked up along the way:
  1. Hair is most prominent at the corners of the lips but you have some under your nose too.
  2. Some women have beards, too. Take it all out!
  3. A magnifying mirror comes in super handy. It makes checking for leftover hair super easy and when you work over it while it's tilted upward, you can actually collect the hair on the mirror surface. I like to check if I got the bulbous roots out.

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What salon services do you do by yourself? Let me know and I hope I can post it in my next How To. Or if you have any questions about threading, fire away!

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