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Mask of the Moment: Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask

Here we goooo! Finally I thought of a great series name that considers a flexible mask trial schedule. I stressed for so long about this that it made me sick... Naw, I just got sick out of the blue, like I always do, huhuhu.

klairs rich moist soothing mask
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask, USD 0.796 / 23ml sheet
I've used a lot of masks at varying schedules. For my super dry skin, an every day schedule has been miraculous. My skin becomes unnaturally smooth and glows, something that never happens to dry-skinned people. Strangely, people are shocked when they hear this and they actually discourage me from doing so. I've even had a registered nurse from a luxury spa tell me to stick to a twice-a-week schedule, at most.

Her prescription? Based on no good reason, it turns out. She was just iffy about me spending so much on a disposable item. Nevermind that she bore witness to the sublime dryness of my skin. Nevermind that the results scream for itself. Stay stuck in close-minded old schoolness because apparently, using sheet masks every day just doesn't make sense (sarcasm font, get over here!)

I'm judging masks based on 3 crucial criteria: price, sheet and formula. I keep my sheet masks in a large acrylic basket in the fridge to better soothe my skin. Here's the first mask I picked up since I entertained the idea of a mask series:

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask


I bought it last year from at USD 23.88 for 30 masks. This is a value pack as the 10 sheets are free! Since my trip to Korea though, I've learned that retailers abuse value pack labelling and you can wind up with a horrible deal if you don't compute the final per sheet price.

USD 0.796 / 23ml sheet, or ~PHP 36. Anything under 50 is a good deal for me!


klairs rich moist soothing mask face worn
This sheet is apparently cut for Sharon Cuneta's face. It's as wide as a plate so the chin part is so difficult to tuck in. There's so much excess paper that the formula isn't enough to stick the sheet to my skin!
klairs rich moist soothing mask worn face
Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask
On the plus side though, the material is good and doesn't chafe if you wait for the formula to dry, which takes approximately one hour. The fact that it takes so long to dry up completely means that the sheet is doing its job in pushing the formula down your pores instead of letting it evaporate through to the environment.


klairs rich moist soothing mask back packaging
I love the formula of this sheet, which is mostly water and sodium hyaluronate. While hyaluronic acid's been praised as the miracle cure, sodium hyaluronate's smaller molecular size makes it much more effective in penetrating the skin.

It's syrupy enough to hold the cold sensation and sink deeply enough into my skin to make the moisturized and glowing effect last for about 2 days. It takes a while to dry off (about ten minutes) so I just work some more before continuing my skincare routine.

Overall Rating: 3 / 3 -  worth a rebuy!

As far as sheet masks go, anything under Php 50 and works without any major hitches is good for me! I'm going for quantity and consistency rather than quality because in my experience, one rave-worthy mask is just as good as two consecutively-used average masks. In the end, a daily routine still ends up giving me better skin regardless of the quality of mask used.

I have some premium masks in line here. Who knows, I might have a change of heart!

How often do / would you use sheet masks?

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