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Monthly Skincare Snippets: Physiogel for February 2015

Ending the 2014 MSS project, I realized that one month is a good clean schedule per skincare set but it also limited me in terms of failures. As I grow more in touch with my skin's reactions, one month gets to be too much for underperforming skincare pieces. So, I decided to chuck out blah pieces as I encounter them and pick up replacements mid-month. I have a lot of skincare singles anyway.

physiogel cleanser and lotion
February 2015 Skincare: Simple Physiogel Routine

2015 begins still picking up the previous year's slack, i.e. rushing towards expiring or older skincare sets. I received a bunch of Physiogel goodies during the #FreeInMySkin campaign last September 2014 plus another huge loot as Christmas tokens, I think. I set aside a whole bunch for my sister, who has weak-ass skin, and freed up one piece of each for me to try.

I am going to be 1000% honest with you guys and disclose that my lingering laziness played into picking this two-step, waterless skincare up right after my prolonged hiatus. Though I felt discontent with the cleanser mid-month, I couldn't be bothered to replace it.


Physiogel Cleanser with pump, Php 325 / 300ml
Physiogel Lotion, Php 363 / 100ml

physiogel cleanser
Physiogel Cleanser with Pump, Php 325 / 300ml
Physiogel is available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, Rose Pharmacy, SM, Landmark, Rustan's, S&R and other leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. Click here for the complete Physiogel Philippines price list via Facebook.

Product Description:

Physiogel is a hypoallergenic skincare brand. The Cleanser is non-comedogenic and can be used waterless for extra sensitive skin.

physiogel lotion
Physiogel Lotion, Php 363 / 100ml
The Lotion uses biomimic technology that imitates your skin's occurring lipids.

How to Use:

Cleanser - massage gently on the face and wash off with water. For sensitive skin, apply generously all over the face and wipe off gently using tissue.

Lotion - apply as needed.


physiogel cleanser consistency
Physiogel Cleanser consistency
Long-time BBT readers would know that I do not get on with mild, hypo-allergenic cleansers. Physiogel, Cetaphil and Skinklens all leave my skin feeling very confused. The milky texture feels nourishing, but my skin is always left feeling like it has a strange residue no matter how much I wash or wipe it off. I've yet to figure out why I react like this to mild cleansers.

physiogel cleanser swatch
Physiogel Cleanser when used
Coincidentally, I don't understand how the waterless application is meant for sensitive skin. Using tissue to rub the cleanser off leaves me feeling raw, no matter how gently I pat it off. I prefer washing the Cleanser off.

physiogel lotion swatch
Physiogel Lotion
As for the Lotion, I am a huge fan! I believe the biomimic technology because it leaves my skin feeling like moist skin rather than parched-but-with-grease-on-top. I wish I'd gotten more variants of the Physiogel moisturizers (such as the Cream and AI lotion) to layer. The Lotion was supremely impressive though I could tell, was still not enough for my parched facial skin.


Affordable, great-quality and hypoallergenic.


The Lotion is great for body use at night. I might also try the Cream if I find myself wanting to layer Physiogel, facially.

Beauty by Tellie score: 3 / 5 - mixed review

The Lotion is a solid 5 but the Cleanser is a 2 for me. I'd go so far as putting the cleanser at a 1 but that's just the disappointment talking. It objectively is a 2 as it got much of my powder makeup and concealer out, and left my skin feeling just a little less than fine. Not bad though, just a little less than fine.

You may visit their site
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Physiogel Philippines on Facebook; and,
@PhysiogelPH on Twitter.

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The products used were press gifts from the #FreeInMySkin campaign. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this second feature.

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