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Zoeva 233 Cream Shader Review

I'm a fan of both natural and synthetic brush heads from Zoeva, as you can see in my Luxe Complete Set review, so I was pretty bummed about not liking the Cream Shader.

zoeva 233 cream shader
Zoeva 233 Cream Shader, Php 419.50 - fully synthetic, vegan taklon
I specifically got this brush for my lid primers and cream shadows because at this point, they're the only products that I still apply with my fingers. I really hate the mess of fingerprints that follows me whenever I have to use my hands in applying makeup!

It looks great on-photo but it doesn't live up in-practice. The paddle shape and slippery synthetic bristles slide the product on too thinly and streakily. I feel bad buying this single to supplement the 15-pc set, only for it to end up not being useful. Most of the singles aren't worth the price, in my opinion, so I'm kicking my own ass for snapping this up so quickly.


Php 314.63, 25% off the full price of 419.50 at I believe Zoeva was declared a non-sale brand about a year ago.

Product Description:

zoeva 233 cream shader
It comes with an individual zip pouch
233 is a fully synthetic, vegan taklon brush. It is specifically meant by Zoeva for use with cream products and primers, which is interesting because I had that in mind even before checking the official brush guide.

How to Use:

The best way to use this is at a slight angle, trying to touch most of the taper off onto your skin. The paddle shape makes it tempting to use it completely flat on its side, but that doesn't really allow you to load as much product as you should.


zoeva 233 cream shader
Zoeva 233 Cream Shader
I don't know if creams and primers are simply not meant to be used with brushes but I don't know how these can really work. The shape is not that bad but I find using a synthetic brush on cream eye products impossible because the bristles never seem to pick up, deposit nor blend the product with any finesse.

Tools are supposed to make life easier!


Vegan, though there isn't exactly a shortage of vegan taklon brushes in the market. Case in point: Real Techniques.



Beauty by Tellie score: 1 / 5 - poor, but still trying to make it work

Yes, after all this time, I'm still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I really want this to work and I'm hoping that in about three more years I'll be enlightened enough to know what's what.

zoeva 233 cream shader
Zoeva 233 Cream Shader

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