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A Revlon Elite: August 2015 BDJ Box Unboxing!

August 2015 marks the first month of BDJ's Elites-only subscription. December 2015 was the last announced Elites-only month, but I theorize this could be extended if feedback is good. For reference, regular boxes go for Php 580 with a x3 value promise while Elites go for Php 1480 with a x2 value promise.

I've always felt that BDJ clutched on to a drugstore edge. It's Php 10 cheaper than Glamourbox and Php 80 more expensive than Saladbox while delivering equal, if not higher, returns than the two. We can argue over the merits of their quantity-over-quality approach but my point is that they're pretty consistent, and that's a valuable thing in and of itself.

august 2015 bdj box unboxing elite revlon
August 2015 Elites-Only: A Revlon Exclusive!

Going Elites-only just proves how much they've taken over the sub box market. Even with a Php 900 (155%) price increase they're still selling out two months in advance. Color me surprised, but I thought the Elites would stave off demand even by just a little bit!!!

I could be reading this wrong and there's less Elite boxes available so selling out two months could still allow for my expected decrease in demand, but I don't know. I'd love to interview BDJ about this if I didn't have a lot of posts to take care of!

Here's What's Inside, Sorted by Favorites:

Revlon Photoready Eye Art in 060 Peach Prism
I THOUGHT THIS WAS NAIL ART EXPRESSIONIST BUT IT'S NOT!!! Revlon Photoready Eye Art is a 2-in-1 eye whatever. The left side is a metallic creamy eye shadow with a doe foot applicator. It's a rosy champagne with solid coverage. The other side is an orange-tinged clear gel with gold and opalescent glitters.

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown
Another 2-in-1 product here with the Revlon Brow Fantasy. Though I have thin brows and red hair, I use grey black colors and make do with dark browns sometimes: anything as long as it doesn't have yellow in it! The left side is the 2nd step gel, while the right side is the 1st step pencil. Trying this right away, tomorrow :)

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in HD Carnelian
I've fallen out of love with glosses but the Marsala-ness of this tube gets to me. So I read the label and it's not a gloss but a lacquer. It's not my favorite lip formula but I'm still up to try something new.

Trivia of the night: one of the languages the label translates the product name into is Labial Liquido. Haha.

Revlon Eyelash Curler (Easy Grip)
I've long favored the lightweight Revlon Eyelash Curler over premium and overpriced curlers. I have just the regular all-metal version though so I'm worried the grips will add unbalanced weight and take me off my lash curling game. Still excited about it.

Revlon Nail Enamel in 730 Valentine
Another Marsala sample has me excited despite my general lack of enthusiasm about my nails simply because the shade of this Nail Enamel is so gorgeous.

Revlon Powder Blush in 003 Mauvelous
Revlon Powder Blush in Mauvelous is honestly mauve. Light fucked up my shot but this is a bit dustier and earthier in person. I have a hard time making burnt shades work on my warm but light skin, but it's a very unique addition to my collection.

Revlon Super Lustruous Lipstick in 725 Love That Red

Love That Red looks like a fire engine red. I hope this applies opaque because I love bright red shades!

Revlon ColorSilk in 47 Medium Rich Brown
I'm putting this ColorSilk hair dye last because I've tried it already. It's useless on dark hair and you'll only like it if you're a Catholic highschooler who wants to put the man down without him being able to prove you colored your hair.

Recap: Php 3750 for a Php 1480 subscription

There's no curation card this month so I couldn't do a proper valuation.

Seeing Revlon made my heart sink a little. It's one of BDJ's oldest brand partners and there's personally nothing exciting or groundbreaking to me about drugstore Revlon.

august 2015 bdj box elite revlon

Or so I thought.

I didn't expect to like as many things as I did. Half the items were bubble wrapped and it's only when I unwrapped them that I got a closer look at each item. I like that they delivered items in the super-trendy color of the year (marsala.) I also like the variety and novelty in the samples.

Overall, this box feels like it's playing it safe. I love that it has 7 / 8 makeup products that aren't as tired as the brand makes me feel, but Revlon is still very easily accessible. It makes sense for a first Elites-only box but I hope things get more daring next month!

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