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Truly Translucent: Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder

Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder is one of those products that I secretly hated at first. Like Fairy Drops Platinum, I simply did not get the hype. I think it did absolutely nothing for me, and I was thiiiis close to posting it as a glorified acrylic can of baby powder.

Ellana loose powders have a dispensing hole atop, right? Well, sometimes I'm too lazy to screw the cap all the way down when I have to tap some product out. I align the cap to the body and pray for smooth sailing, but one day my prayers were ignored. I got a case of butterfingers and spilled a bit of product on the webbing between my thumb and forefinger. Instead of taking that two minutes to wash my hand, I simply wiped it off with the other.
ellana minerals sheer velvet hd powder
Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder, Php 499 / 6g
And FINALLY I get it. Softer than soft, smooother than smooth (bluer than blue? sadder than sad? LOL nooo)

This thing is magical!


Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder is Php 499 / 6g, Php 350 / refill

Ellana Minerals is available in Robinson's Ermita, Festival Mall, Glorietta 3, Trinoma and SM Megamall. It is also available online with free nationwide delivery for orders Php 1000 and up.

Product Description:

The Sheer Velvet HD powder is a lightweight, translucent setting powder. It's very light but seamless and I find it a really great filler for pores and fine lines.
ellana minerals sheer velvet hd powder swatch
Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder: dispensed and blended
I don't have enough flash nor HD cameras to test how this looks under paparazzi settings but under most civilian settings, it works excellent for me. Maybe when I'm famous I'll start worrying about flashback.

You may check the Sheer Velvet product page here.

How to Use:

After applying foundation, use a small amount at the center of your face and retouch as needed. I use a large fluffy brush for a diffused application.

I think part of why I wasn't impressed by this product was I was completely clueless about how to use translucent powders. I used too much, about as much as normal foundation which in turn mattified me too much and pushed me up 50 shades of pale.

You won't need a lot of product to set your face. I use a single, light dip of a large fluffy brush, like the Zoeva 101. On top of that, I make sure to press a bit harder to push-and-blend out the little product I'm working with.


This powder is super fine and insanely smooth. You won't even see powdery or crumbly edges on the dispensed portion. I bake (sometimes) and if regular foundation looks like all-purpose flour, Sheer Velvet looks like confectioner's sugar.
ellana minerals sheer velvet hd powder swatch

It's so fine and smooth that it helps fill in fine lines and holes. In the photo above I encircled the portion where the filling is most obvious. I think this is how it's made my foundation wear down more attractively. There's something "filling in" the cracks and lines so the foundation dissolves evenly, instead of clinging to patches. Just a theory.

For people with oily skin, an added bonus is that you can totally use this as a primer! Not only will it fill in pores and smoothen your face, but it will also absorb excess oil so it won't overtake your foundation.

Lasting Power:

I have some bb creams that separate a couple of hours before the workday ends, but with Sheer Velvet I only start to look dewy by the time I get home. Foundation just fades more evenly.


Inexpensive, very high quality, not overly mattifying.



Beauty by Tellie score: 5 / 5 - makes foundation fade attractively
ellana minerals sheer velvet hd powder
Truly Translucent and Super Fine: Ellana Minerals Sheer Velvet HD Powder
I'm scared of giving 5's to brands I have a relationship with because I don't want to be accused of being a shill. However, Sheer Velvet drives me crazy with its awesomeness and I really like how it makes me look dewy instead of letting my foundation crack around my dry skin! Wouldn't you want a setting powder that can take any old foundation from a 2 to a 5?

I have my weekly rotation box where I place new things to try, and the Sheer Velvet has been there for months now. Legit, love this!

You may visit and follow them on social media:
Ellana Cosmetics on Facebook;
@EllanaMinerals on Twitter; and,
@EllanaMinerals on Instagram

I received this item as a gift during the affiliate launch of Ellana Minerals. Links and banners above are affiliate links, where I may earn a small commission for sales made through my channels. First-time buyers are in turn, entitled to a 15% discount - so shop wisely! The Sheer Velvet HD Powder is featured in several Beauty Bundles, do check them out.

I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this feature.

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