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Give It Time: Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is a tricky thing. It spoils so quickly and is applied so close to such a sensitive and prone-to-infection organ. I'm more fearful of mascara than eye liners because once you sharpen eyeliner, it's mostly disinfected anyway.

Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara
Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara, Php 1195

You can't disinfect or "revive" mascara.

The first time I tried Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara, I felt duped. There were so many glowing raves but I hated the wet, heavy and thinning formula. I swear it made me look like I had five pieces of lashes!

I didn't throw it away immediately, instead letting it live the remainder of its life with the rest of my mascara stash. After a few months I tried using it on a light, daytime look and VAVAVOOM. Intense lashes!!!

Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara worn
Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara, worn
This was not that VAVAVOOM moment but rather, a random shoot I did just to showcase the awesome power of Fairydrops Platinum. Apparently, you have to cure this mascara like bacon for it to achieve its full potential.


Php 1195, available in Beauty Bar. I heard rumors that Fairydrops Philippines pulled out, can anyone confirm? The Facebook page's last update was on October 2014, but I don't see any formal announcement of such.

Product Description:

Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof contains Volume Up Powder, wax, fiber and 5 kinds of treatment essence to nourish your lashes.

This product claims to be waterproof, smudge proof and able to hold curl.

There's a Film Type variant of Platinum but until now, I have no idea what that means. Can someone please educate me?


I love this mascara. It dries so lightweight and... dry, that curl does hold really well. I'm not normally one to notice how long curl holds but this one is legit. Some formulae tend to weigh down my thin lashes but this one is able to keep my c curls in place that even when I remove my makeup, I find my lashes have been "styled" into place. Kind of like getting waves when you braid your hair??

Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara worn
I have a shawty section right in the middle of my lashline- it annoys me!
Lengthening: 3.5 / 5 - The waxy fiberwig formula adds length though I've seen more dramatic fiberwigs. I do like that it's not as messy and high-maintenance as the rest.
Volume: 3.5 / 5 - There is volumization, but not what I would say dramatic (5). I'd categorize the volumizing power as emphasized; there is added volume, it looks a step above natural but I wouldn't wear it in costume or with a dark smoke.
Definition: 5 / 5 - If you give it time to dry up a bit, this mascara will make you look like you have five hundred lashes instead of 5. I also like the spikey shape it forms; more natural and doll-like, less spidery.
Curl holding: 5 / 5 - Supreme.
Neatness: 4.5 / 5 - There is minimal fallout; like maybe 3 crumbles of mascara throughout a full-day wear of about 8 hours.


Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara 3 peanut wand
Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Wand
Patented 3 peanut wand actually does make a difference in application, though I would suggest using it convexed against your eyeball rather than concaved. The results are more dramatic!!


Yes. No questions asked.

Beauty by Tellie score: 4.5 / 5 - a personal favorite

I like a lot of mascaras but this is one of the few I keep going back to. I'd almost make it a 5 but all my raves were hinged on me curing this mascara. I'd be more forgiving if it went to god mode in one week but a handful of weeks is cutting it too close to mascara's recommended storage duration. I want to buy makeup that's good and ready to go!

Still, I won't pretend to be overly fussy with time frames - I thwart thee, expiration dates! I'll just call this a 4.5 because that's how beautiful it makes my lashes and it's honestly worth a try.

I used Fairydrops Platinum waterproof in this review as well, if you want to see more photos of it in action!

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