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Giveaway: BBT 30 Days Mask

Greetings, subjects! Last Saturday, I left my camera with Liz which had all my recent shoots so I'd been grasping at straws with the last few posts. Did anybody notiiiiice? :)) I keep enough photo folders stocked but these usually lack one or two photos and end up being unusable anyways. The Think Piece, Think Please piece I did recently should be a big clue: I save those drafts for when I have no workable photo sets ;)

Anyway, great news! The #SuperFreshxBBT giveaway just ended and @projecpanph won. We're already in contact about prize claiming and now that's out of the way, I'd like to start another giveaway.

This one's personal; I'm taking pieces from my mask stash and assembling a monthly curation for you. A month's supply might be pish tosh to the ordinary person but remember who you are talking to. I take masks seriously and (try to) use them daily. I think using them daily compares steeply to a 2x a week schedule, so I would like to encourage one very lucky BBT reader to try this out. Of course, I can't do anything about you stretching this stash out for longer than I intended, but I really hope you'd just try a daily routine.

Whenever I post about masks, I feel bad for people who chime in saying they feel like masking everyday is a huge expense. Most masks are at Php 75, so in any given month that's Php 2250... if you're not scrimping. If you know where to look, masks can go as low as Php 10-20, or Php 300-600 per month. Kracie Hadabisei (Php 795 / 40 sheets) from Beauty Bar clocks in at around Php 20 / pc.

Money is a sensitive issue and we all have our priorities but I feel like if you really want that smooth and glowing Korean skin, you can't half ass masking once or twice a week and wonder what everyone is raving about. Consistency and quantity is key.

Soooo. Here's my one-month starter kit:

  • Week 1 (Realiable): Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask x 7 - This would be a great starter. I find the quality average. There is a sticky after-feeling but the essence does soften and smoothen my chapped skin. At least, the mask doesn't chafe when left to dry.
  • Week 2 (Local): Dermal Sheet Mask x 7 (2 Snail, 2 Bee Venom, Cherry Blossoms, Aloe, Cucumber) - A kind-of-high-end local option. Dermal's sheets feel great on the skin, and the essence works wonders for me. This is available for Php 70 in Beauty Bar.
  • Week 3 (Peculiar): U Care Eye Mask + Etude House Cherry Gel Lip Patch - I've tried neither of these but I have been thinking of doing a compartmentalized mask review doing the lips, eyes plus a few other mystery body parts altogether - I don't want to spoil the project. Soon!
  • Week 4 (Adventure): WHP White Hydrating Charcoal Mineral Mask x 10 - This is a black mask. YAY! Have not tried it, but I got it at a bargain in Korea on BOGO so the other box is still with me to try. I really didn't want to give away this cool tenner but week 3 is just one set so this should all still clock up to a month, with a few days skipped.

This contest is open for one week, until Aug. 30, 12MN. Anybody under 18 years of age must provide their parent's consent for when I ask about your shipping information. Also, this is all skincare and I'm reminding everyone that people react differently to everything; my skin is very... not sensitive. Do a patch test with some essence and immediately remove the mask if you feel any signs of irritation such as swelling, itchiness, etc.

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