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SCOUTED: Jeunesse Anion Pads and Other Local Goodies

Local brands excite me. Unlike ~in my youth, the newer brands are very competitive. It seemed back then, being Proudly Pinoy meant a ready excuse to be baduy or low quality. So I feel a little guilty when something good comes along and my initial reaction is to be surprised.

Jeunesse Anion sanitary pads are locally developed and produced. They are charged with anions, which are negatively charged ions. Reportedly, cations are found in manmade settings while anions are mostly found in nature. Both particles apparently contribute to our overall moods.

A Jeunesse Pad was ripped open and doused with 2.5 tablespoons of liquid, the average amount of bloodflow
The makers of Jeunesse decided to charge their sanitary pads with anions to induce a holistically improved overall feeling for women who are suffering from period pains. I have not heard much about this technology aside from what they've told me but it sounds so interesting. Does anybody have experience / feedback / research on this? Do let me know!

I don't normally do this but since it is such a unique product, let me list the reported benefits of Jeunesse sanitary pads:
  • prevents bacteria
  • reduces female discomfort / dysmenorrhea
  • eliminates unwanted odor
  • fights agains vaginal irritations and infections
  • improves blood circulation
  • lowers stress levels and boosts energy levels
  • acts as a natural anti-depressant
  • strengthens immune system

They currently have 5 variants:

  • Ultra Day (green) - whole-day pads 24.5cm, cotton, ultra thin, with wings
  • Non-Wing (blue) -  23cm, cotton, ultra thin
  • Ultra Night (violet) - 28cm, cotton, ultra thin, with wings
  • All Night (black) - 32cm, cotton, with wings
  • Panty Liners (pink & white) - 15.5cm, cotton, no wings

I love how they partnered with other locally produced goods. If anything's particularly interesting I can do a capsule review:

  • Calcium Cee - calcium ascorbate vitamins, 605.3mg
  • Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash
  • Bubble Man Antibac Dishwashing Liquid
  • Yoko Milk Bath Salts - Lavender, Yogurt and Milk
  • Easy Pharmax Wheatgrass Honey additives

These all look so presentable and interesting. They're not all in my niche but I'm quite proud of how far local goods have come! Which item piqued your interest?

I was invited to Jeunesse Anion's launch last July 28, 2015 at Make Me Blush Spa in E. Rodriguez. Guests were treated to a brunch buffet and given a wellness seminar with tips on how to handle menstrual** issues by Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD.

We were also given a supply of Jeunesse pads and products by local partners shown above. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this feature..

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