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SCOUTED: Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Duo

I admit I'm not updated with drugstore releases. It seems like there's always one new item or one new collection under a line that's been around for five years and I end up not knowing what's what anymore. It confuses me :[

maybelline stippling brush, dream satin skin liquid foundation, dream satin skin two way cake
Maybelline's Photoshop Pals: Stippling Brush, Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation and All-new Dream Satin Skin Two-Way Cake
I haven't heard about the Dream Satin Skin at all but Maybelline just sent me the all-new Two Way Cake Foundation (Php 399, 5 shades) along with the existing Liquid Foundation (Php 499, 7 shades.) Typically, I love using two way cakes when I don't want to wear BB cream but still need at least medium coverage... buuuuut you know I like using sets all together, right?

The ideal use of the Dream Satin Skin line is to first use the Liquid then set with the Cake. The Liquid has 'air cushion' technology so that it's whipped and in turn, breathable on your skin. The Cake has 'one film' technology so it's five times thinner than conventional powders.

The pump dispenses a little too much and the shade is 12-hours-under-the-sun darker than me, but I went ahead and experimented with the texture.

maybelline dream satin skin liquid foundation swatch
Maybelline Dream Satin Skin in G3: pumped and swatched
Dream Satin Skin Liquid is extremely lightweight. The top of my hand has a mere shade difference, but the texture is pretty even. I was shocked because I overdispensed the product and I expected it to feel almost like BB cream: thick and suffocating. Only, it didn't - it was very airy and breathable. It was almost like I had nothing on.

The Maybelline Stippling Brush feels a little thin when you grip the brush head but works really well with the light, liquidy formula of the Dream Satin Skin. I wouldn't really use any other brush with such a light foundation as too many bristles will just absorb all the foundation. Plus, the long, soft, fine hairs spread the product very quickly and evenly!

maybelline dream satin skin two way cake
Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake (G3) over Liquid (G3) swatch
The Dream Satin Skin Two-Way Cake is also very lightweight. It didn't make my swatch any darker than it already was which can mean two things: 1) Liquid and Cake shade matches are perfect (I have both in G3) or 2) The Cake is very lightweight. I'm trying the Cake out alone tomorrow to check if it will darken me or not!

I like how the two feel almost like nothing on my skin. The powder actually adds a little skin-like sheen instead of mattifying. Cakes tend to look... cakey, but this one looks really easy to wear!

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake

I was sent the Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation, Two Way Cake Foundation and Stippling Brush by Maybelline Philippines. I was not paid nor otherwise compensated to present this feature. Insights above are based on first impressions.

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