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Monthly Skincare Snippets: shu uemura red:juvenus Set for April 2015

New in Skincare Snippets: another anti-aging line. I love anti-aging lines because they seem to work welll on my perpetually parched face. Hydrating lines don't quite cut it.

shu uemura red:juvenus
shu uemura red:juvenus + NARS Purifying Foam Cleanser
For my birth month, I took up shu uemura red:juvenus... for no particular reason other than FIFO :P


Php 2100 for a 5-pc trial set via The kit starts with a toner so I supplemented it with a GWP NARS Purifying Foam Cleanser. I didn't include the day emulsion in the photo, fyi for those who feel like my numbers don't add up.

Product Description:

red:juvenus is shu's anti-aging line. It is meant to revitalize and revive skin damaged by stress and pollution. The whole line has a sporty fragrance to it, which I found a bit odd since mature lines are almost always musky.

Click here for shu uemura's red:juvenus page.

How to Use:

shu uemura red:juvenus
  1. Cleanse
  2. red:juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion
  3. TSUYA Skin Essence
  4. red:juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate
  5. red:juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Night Cream (PM) / Vitalizing Retexturizing Emulsion (AM)
When I went during Japan's peculiarly cold autumn, I layered the Emulsion before the Night Cream both day and night to double-dose on moisture.


With the Depsea Hydrability, my biggest problem is how the layers don't seem to mesh particularly well with each other. The toner doesn't do to much in terms of prepping my skin to receive the rest of the routine, and the concentrate seems to sour all the layers.

My main rave (and there's going to be a lot) with red:juvenus is how seamlessly the layers blend with each other. Layering routines often make sense texturally; the lighter steps go first and are sealed in with the heavier ones. This doesn't always go as planned. If the chemistry of each step is not aligned, you end up with what I like to call 'marbled' skincare. This is the sticky after-feel due to light and heavy layers that have swirled atop your skin due to incompatible chemistry.

I can't say for sure how if this anti-aging line works, but it has what I like in anti-aging lines which is deep-moisture. Every single step seeps so far down my skin that the last steps get absorbed, thus no sticky feeling on top of the skin while the moisture levels within are super charged.
NARS Skin Purifying Foam Cleanser
NARS Skin Purifying Foam Cleanser
(NARS Purifying Foam Cleanser, 30ml) - Smells like Froot Loops. It has few and fine beads for a negligible exfoliating effect, but I love how it's thick yet not overly stripping.

shu uemura red: juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion
shu uemura red: juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion
red:juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion, 20ml - A watery lotion that clears residue while at the same time seeming to pull subsequent steps deep into the skin. It has a magnet effect similar to, but not as powerful as, SK-II FTE.

shu uemura TSUYA Skin Essence
shu uemura TSUYA Skin Essence
TSUYA Skin Essence, 7ml - An opalescent, heavy essence. Despite its sticky initial application, it dries up quickly and settles in pretty deep. It leaves a slightly opalescent residue that doubles as a great radiant base.

shu uemura red:juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate
shu uemura red:juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate
red:juvenus Intense Vitalizing Concentrate, 10ml - When you have something that works, you'll feel it in your bones. The Concentrate is a yellowish-clear gel fluid. Like with the previous steps, it sinks in pretty fast so there's "space" for the next layer while leaving the deepest parts of your skin moisturized.

shu uemura red:juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Night Cream
shu uemura red:juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Night Cream
red:juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Night Cream, 13ml (PM) - The least exciting item to me is this Cream. It's also non-sticky and the routine would definitely be lacking for my parched skin without it, but I don't have very strong feelings about it despite its overwhelming success on my skin.


Layers cooperate very, very well.


Likely, when I stop feeling adventurous in terms of skin care.

Beauty by Tellie score: 5 / 5 - Trusted by Tellie
shu uemura red:juvenus kit
It's been a good year for me. This line is one of the few to take out my flakes, improve dullness and solve midday flaking. Honestly, what a perfect line!!! And, it fits quite snugly in this tiny pouch.

Skincare Snippets is a monthly installment on my blog where I review a different skincare line each month. My only rules are: use them at night and try not to skip too often. Click here for more Snippets.

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