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Q-Depot's Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist (Moist)

Guuys. Lookie!

tony moly pocket bunny mist pink moist
Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist in Moist, Php 595 / 60ml

I just got sent the cuuuutest face mist ever! I know it's a very far cry but this Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist (60ml, Php 595) from reminds me of Luna and Artemis from Sailor Moon :))

The past week has seen such ugly skin from me. I'm afraid the shallow but numerous bumps forming along my jawline will only get worse with the cooler winds settling in. I typically rely on the heat and humidity to settle my flakes down but in the meantime, it's been insanely hot that my skin's not liking it either.

UPDATE: finally figured out my BB cream might have gone bad, as it's not my skincare, which has been great since the beginning, nor my makeup brushes, which I spot-cleaned a couple of days ago, that are breaking me out.

tony moly pocket bunny mist pink moist

My skin gets really dry especially around the mouth area because I'm a thirsty ho (no.) A fun mid-day remedy for me has been to shuck this cute Bunny Mist in my downsized purse and just spritz as needed. I spritz it after lunch, when I've retouched my makeup. I spritz it when I'm feeling sleepy or stressed in the office... I'm having a blast with it!

First of all, I LOVE THE SCENT. It smells like saccharine-sweet fruit candy so even though it's not advertised for aromatherapy, I use it anyway to bring an instant smile to my face. I love the smell and would categorize it apart from some of the more sickening and overwhelming VS fragrances, but you're free to disagree with that.

tony moly pocket bunny mist pink moist

It's the perfect grip size for my palm and for purse-storage. I hate that the top leaks a bit because this is otherwise a very cute container. I love how the ears shaped out and not just painted over a cylinder!

A bonus I never foresaw is that it sets makeup awesomely. The atomizer isn't as fine as I'd like it to be but the formula makes up for it. Once I've patted down the larger droplets, it sort of melts and blends the makeup that's gathered around my patches. I've always worried that mists would break down my BB cream but I haven't seen any warning signs with TM PBM during my one-week trial.

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist has two variants: Sleek and Moist. Moist is the pink bunny for dry skin. It contains peach, raspberry and apple extract to promote elasticity of the skin. Sleek is the white bunny for oily skin. It contains cabbage, pineapple and lemon extract to control oil.

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You may purchase Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist here. Free international shipping for orders above USD 69. USD 2.99 flat rate shipping otherwise. Q-Depot delivers to the Philippines.

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