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TTop Circle Lenses by Klenspop (Model Gray and Model Brown)

Hello everyone! Pretty excited to do another contact lens review. This time it's a double-whammy. I had pretty much the same physical experience with the lenses so there's no point in doing separate reviews.
ttop circle lens model gray worn
TTop Model Gray
Honestly, I find it so hard to do lens reviews. I love wearing them and trying them out with different looks, but the devil is in the details and you know how I'm not comfortable with my photography skills. I hate talking about how I appreciate / hate a certain lens design without being able to show you guys what I really mean.
ttop circle lens model brown worn
TTop Model Brown
Yet as I resize and watermark photos for this post, I am reminded to be kinder to myself. Never have I felt happy nor proud of my photos but when I look back on my older posts I think to myself: "that's not so bad for a __-year blogger." I lost my lash curler, it was gloomy the day I shot but my lens photos still look decent nice :)


TTop Lenses go for USD 13 at

Product Description:

TTop lenses in Model Gray and Model Brown are circle lenses, meaning, they're considerably larger than the typical lenses and are suited for costume wear. The larger the diameter of the lenses, the shorter your wear-time should be. For more lens reviews, click here.

ttop circle lens model gray

Here are some quick deets on both models:
  • Diamter - 14.1mm
  • Graphic Diamter - 13.5mm (I wish all manufacturers would indicate this!)
  • Base Curve - 8.6mm
  • Water Content - 38%


before and after ttop circle lens model gray
Before and After: TTop Model Gray
before and after ttop circle lenses model brown
Before and After: TTop Model Brown
Enlargement - I'm surprised to learn that the graphic diameter is only 13.5mm! I've been wearing 14.5mm lenses and these enlarge just about the same. I wish other manufacturers would print their graphic diameter because this sets expectations for actual enlargement.

In my closeups and my pre vs post lens photos, I notice just how much area the lenses add to my iris size. It's pretty consistent with the 14.5's I've tried though the design doesn't emphasize my eyes too much.

Comfort - This is my longest adjustment period thus far. I think I've been wearing both sets alternately for around a month now. Somehow, it seems my vision is always poor even when I wear glasses on top. It also dries out pretty quickly. The material is "2-hema" but I've never heard of that before.

ttop circle lenses model brown worn
TTop Model Brown
Accuracy / Print - Print details are normally lost once lenses are worn on the eyes. Some brands work with this to create a natural blend, while others fight this in an effort to deliver pronounced coloring. TTOP Model Gray and Brown are the first lenses I've tried that are more visually arresting when worn rather than in-vial.

I love the chicken scratch design. The ruler-inspired edge creates a soft, natural-looking edge while the pigment pops out through dark backgrounds. This shocked me! The design looked really faint, almost feather-like and difficult to spot in "normal" backgrounds.
ttop circle lenses model brown


Beautiful print translates on eyes for a soft wash of color.


Not likely. I am way too early in my contact lens journey to keep coming back to any design!

Beauty by Tellie score: 4 / 5 - superb print offset by comfort issues
ttop circle lenses model gray
Ttop Circle Model Gray
These designs are the bomb! I love how the gray is so subtle and soft. The brown enhances and makes my brown eyes look very deep. I like how the pigment shows despite my dark eyes.

I wish it were more comfortable though. Shaaaame. I can't use this for whole-day wear like in the office, but for events or dinners- I looooove!

These lenses were provided for editorial consideration by I was not paid not otherwise compensated to present this feature.

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