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The Move to Korea

Hello everyone! I've been pretty silent on the blog the past few weeks dealing with the bureaucracy of moving to another country. In case you all missed it, I'm now in Korea - South, of course, wtf!

Annyeonghaseyo! Waiting for my king - charot!
I'm here to learn the language and study makeup artistry afterwards. It's an exciting turning point that all started last April, when I went to Japan by myself. I wasn't technically alone as my friendly friend graciously offered her apartment for me to crash in, and I actually toured a couple of days with Liz, but it was the first time I ventured without my family.

Japan, April 2015
Being alone, serving my own time and not worrying about the majority vote (which being the black sheep almost always meant the opposite of mine) gave me the chance to think about my life and the small decisions I made every day. The decision to get up, go to work in a somewhat inconsequential capacity made me think: am I really building the future I want to be living in? Am I becoming a fuller person from the activities I devote my time to?

By that point, I was starting to resent my everyday tasks and contributions to this humongous business machine. These little things were starting to feel disproportionately and monumentally draining. Anyone can enjoy tangible rewards but if a job isn't rewarding in and of itself, is it worth investing your personhood in?

All my life I've had this crippling fear that anything outside the corporate world will have you living in squalor and uncertainty. But as I grew up, I met so many people who live extravagantly outside of 9-5 jobs. This girl is a freelancer but lives luxuriously. This guy is an artist who surprise, surprise, is able to feed himself 3x a day and upgrade his equipment constantly. Still another is a single mom who manages to provide for her child's education (!!!) and her expensive hobbies. None of them relied on rich families, none of them relied on luck. They all just said fuck it and worked 'til they got what they had.

What I learned from them is that life is what you make it. You don't have to be #blessed to enjoy life. The good thing about being human is that you can change your circumstances to suit your needs. You can have it all but only if you actually think it's possible. It helps to see other people as role models and in my case, I know a few people who've done what I'm doing right now and who live the life I hope to live after taking this leap. If it's been done, then I know I can do it as well.

Starting school on Wednesday!
I'm now confidently pursuing a dream oft seen as a mere hobby. I don't care how other people regard this goal because I'm the one who has to live with the consequences of it. Yes, I will study language longer than I will study makeup, but I just like K Beauty so much that I embrace all the little (even big) sacrifices that come along with it.

I've done the 'safe choice' in life but I guess once you meet people who've put happiness first, you'll realize that life is one big ball of uncertainty and trying to make it as stable as possible is the most futile thing you can do with your mortal time.

Tagging this as a life post just in case I add more.

Happy 13th, Posh Nails!

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