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Trendspotting in Korea: Sporty Look and Primadonna Regrets

One of my Korea culture shocks (more on this in another post) is how collectivistic people here seem to be. I'm a fellow Asian, raised in a conservative household at that, but it's a whole 'nother level here. I don't want to get into the why's... I just wanted to say that it's made it so easy for me to spot the trends here.

Uniform of 80% of Young Adult Female Koreans - photo credit

Eight out of ten girls would be wearing a snapback/beanie - letterman jacket - short shorts/skirt - sneakers ensemble. The remaining two would be in office wear or ajumma clothing. SERIOUSLY. And no matter how hot the summer got, people would wear heavy varsity jackets and I guess cool off through their legs? This was way back mid-September, and now everyone's just bundled up in either Eskimo or Military jackets.

I packed so many essentials because I didn't want to go on a buying spree. I knew once I started I wouldn't stop. All the 'silly' things I brought that my mom wanted to throw out actually ended up saving my funds from collateral damage, so I pat myself on the back for a good packing job.

But one of the regrets that haunt me though, is not making use of my Primadonna GC's to bring a cute pair of platform sneakers over here :/

Last August, I was still able to make it to a few local events. Primadonna Philippines generously invited me to witness as they unveiled Kathryn Bernardo for their #KBxPD campaign. I thought it was a pretty clever play on her love team with Daniel Padilla... whom we should never refer to as DP, lol.

At the time, I thought it was a bold move to release sporty and clunky platforms. I wasn't into them and didn't know how to style them.

Just to show how trend-stupid I am, I zoned in on this floral pair:

It was the one that most fit my cutesy, hyper femme style.

The moment I got to Korea, I immediately craved every single piece from the third row of the rack... THE REGRETS! I'd been confined to petite-friendly floral dresses because most tops and jeans won't fit me. However, the stylish ladies of Korea taught me that an oversized top tucked into a high waisted - short cut bottom would have given me more clothing options.... and platform sneakers look so good with short skirts!!!

Up to last week, I was still checking out similar styles in the Ladies' Street near my home. Crying at the platforms I wanted whilst clutching at money I don't want to spend... and probably didn't have to spend had I only listened to Kathryyyyyyyyn >,<

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I was invited to the KBxPD launch party where I received GCs I was not able to use before moving. Boo!

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