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Reboots and Domain Squatting

Hey guys! I've been wanting to write for a week now but my issue with the domain squatters is sadly not resolved and so I've been forced out of my own rightful home and blogging on Notes, of all places.

Truly, this is a crime. Imagine working tirelessly on your blog and building site traffic, only to have some lowly opportunists steal it just because you failed to renew your domain on time. 

I didn't bother to contact them. I know this scam. Basically these people buy abandoned domains in bad faith and ransom them back to the original owners for ridiculous prices. My father mentioned it happening before, he was charged USD 1500 I believe. I don't remember clearly if he never even let go of the domain (a double scam) or if he simply played the waiting game.

As for myself, I'm truly hostaged. Hopefully I can regain my domain but for now, our little beauty club's new home is <3

I've gotten differing advice on this. I was ready to leave the old name behind as I feel I'm up for a rebrand. The Subscription Box Queendom has well and truly crumbled, and I feel my whole angle is really different now that I've stayed in Korea for a little less than a year.

Realtalk: I've just gotten too attached. I can't let go of the name and I couldn't think of any better one. I think it's also unrealistic to keep changing online aliases every time I grow up. I think this way people can keep up with my changes and I can develop a longtime readership (hopefully.)

In the past, I've refrained from blogging over photo insecurity. I need to be real and stop beating myself up over good photos and good design. I am a writer. I have no eye for design. Those are the facts. I might never tweak my old posts - I'm just lucky Squarespace allows for flawless importation from most major blog hosts to include your text, photos AND COMMENTS.

I'm not tweaking old posts and links. I'm not stressing over having the best photos.

But I need to write, right now.

P.S. I'm also launching a Life in Korea tab which will feature my foreigner adventures. Maybe also have a separate diary tab. We'll see. As for now, I'm going to write all about the cute butingtings I've found in Korea!

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