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Hi everyone! Just got back to the Philippines today. It feels great to recharge, I'm so ready to just eat all the Filipino food. Today I've already had sinigang, Myrna-style breaded chicken, crabs and Potato Corner sour cream fries.

Otherwise, I'll just be playing with my baby niece (WHO IS A MINI ME!) and reviewing my level 1 Korean books before leaving them here for good.

Tomorrow, I'm paring down my beauty collection here to see what I can use during my stay - I only packed underwear, one pair of shorts, a cardigan and basic makeup. Nothing on skincare. So far it looks good but I have two huge balikbayan (cardboard) boxes to go through still and even thinking of it is giving me a headache.

I'm pretty excited to pass my pasalubong on to my friends. I think I chose well and I hope they find them as cute and interesting as I do.

My Vacation Skincare: Hada Labo Travel Set

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