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Ending 2018 ready for 2019

Ending 2018 ready for 2019

2018 has been a pretty intense year. It was my first (rough) year after starting over, and suffice to say I almost didn’t make it. In trying to find footing in my career, I lost sight of my goals and felt so discouraged that I considered giving up many times.

 So I’m excited to start 2019 with the BDJ 2019 Everything is Possible Planner (PHP 520, currently on sale from PHP 598). I normally prefer a bare planner, but I am interested in journaling my 2019. For a person like me who gets daunted by creative tasks like filling a completely bare planner, the BDJ ones are great for a sort of guided journaling process!

I chose the EIP over the standard Power Planner and Navi Planners (both PHP 520, also currently on sale from PHP 598) because I feel like it reflects what I want to focus on in 2019, which is my life and career goals! The Power Planner is kind of busy and overwhelming for my taste, while the Navi Planner is more focused on a travel bucket list, which really isn’t my current stage in life.

2019 bdj eip planner

 The EIP has the following special pages:

·      Ikigai <3

·      Vision Board <3

·      Timeline of Goals <3

·      Identifying Intentions and Motivations <3

·      How to Measure Success

·      Positive Poster

·      Life Achievements

·      #LifeGoals

·      No-Edit list

·      Priority List

·      Milestones

·      Reward Checklist

·      Things I'm Grateful For <3

·      Obstacles and Mistakes, and

·      Promise for Next Year

2019 bdj eip planner

Of all the pages this planner features, I’m most excited to sit down and get on the Ikigai page, which helps you find out the reason why you wake up in the morning. While I know my purpose very well, I’d like to actually dissect that and just fill the guided pages up to deaaath.

2019 is gonna be amazing! What other BDJ products are you guys interested in? The whole 2019 collection is on sale, I think until the end of the year. I want to hoard so bad, but also; NOOOO!

BDJ 2019 Everything is Possible Planner features:

·      14.8 x 20.6 cm

·      Matte laminated hardcover with rounded corners

·      UV lamination

·      100gsm white paper inside pages

·      176 full colored pages

·      13-monthly calendar from December 2018 to December 2019

·      Vertical weekly layout to prioritize task each day

·      Special pages to keep your momentum in achieving your goals <3

·      12-monthly divider with inspiring quotes about goal setting.

·      Pocket at the back to keep receipts and cards

·      Two colored ribbons <3

·      Blue elastic

·      All capital letters for customization <3 Limited to 10 characters, including spaces, with special characters not allowed

BDJ products are available in all leading bookstores nationwide or at This post is created in partnership with BDJ.

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