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My First Client: Carla's Baby Birthday Party!

My First Client: Carla's Baby Birthday Party!

Carla was attending a baby’s birthday party in the daytime. She wanted a clean, fresh look and, upon hearing my training, asked me specifically not to do a Korean brow. Instead, she just wanted big eyes and a fresh face.

Considering the event, I opted to go with a shimmery, soft, Korean eye minus the brow; and MLBB lips.

For the eyes, I chose a rose shade and layered it with light, earthy neutrals. I topped it with a MUFE Star Powder to make her eyes really pop. I also did some very slight nose shading to bring dimension to the center of the face. Considering the proportions of the upper half of her face, I highlighted a little lower than normal on her undereye to balance all the negative spaces. I drew a slightly longer-than-usual straight eyeline as well, to enlarge her eyes. I topped it off with a crossed lash to add even more femininity to her look.

The rest of the look: shimmery, coral blush, MLBB satin lips and highlighter. I was worried my senses would once again be Filipinized but I’m glad I’m able to retain the Korean sense of ‘natural’ and fresh. I love how clean yet un-boring the result is. I think I did a great natural-but-level-up look.

Lesson learned: do a photo test. My first set revealed a hole on the left eyebrow that looked sufficiently covered in person, thank God I caught it before letting her walk away.

Also, I think my touch is going to be a problem. Everyone says my hands are too soft and it makes them sleepy. But I respect the face and the skin and am too scared to be rough with it!!

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