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Video: Japan Haul 2018: Shopping Tips and Clever Yet Dumb Beauty-ngtings

Video: Japan Haul 2018: Shopping Tips and Clever Yet Dumb Beauty-ngtings

It's been a little tradition for me to share my travel hauls here on the blog. I love sharing them because I travel by shopping. I love museums and historical tours as well, but there is always a new store to conquer. Even with the internet age connecting everyone, I still feel amazed by the different brands, items and cultural oddities I observe in every country's shops.

I grew up on the idea that you should keep your passport in a safe place while out in another country, as the hassle of it potentially being lost is ginormous. Now that I've travelled on my own, I realize that a passport is such an important piece of ID, and in Japan, you need it to claim tax-free rebates on cosmetics, fashion items and food!

Keiyo Drug (Train Station)

We were on our way to check 3ce (a Korean brand - lol) in Harajuku, and on the train exchange I saw a drugstore. Since we didn't have a lot of time, I asked to explore here and it was one of the better shopping stops I did. I really love drugstore shopping abroad!

As for the brands, there wasn't anything interesting as it was full of Western brands and brands that are available in the PH (Kate Tokyo, Canmake) so I decided to try something new: Cezanne. It was the only new thing that had >JPY1000 items so I chose two highlighters. They also had purple blush, but I didn't feel like getting one from this brand. I got the Cezanne Face Color Control in 5 Pearl Pink (JPY 432) and Cezanne Mix Color Cheek in 10 Highlight (JPY 734).


There are things I know and trust that are difficult to get in Manila so I leapt at the opportunity to get them tax-free (and guaranteed authentic) here. I got Rohto Lycee for Contacts (JPY 613 / 8ml) - which surprised me because they had a different variant for clear lens and colored lenses. Does that matter? I'm not sure. I also got a Shiseido Eyelash Curler in 213 Takumi's Technique (JPY 718) for my kit. Pretty shocked that Shiseido apparently has variants for its curlers?? I wonder how the other variants look like! I also grabbed a backup of Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Super Waterproof (JPY 1080 / 6g.)

For new things to try, I got false lashes, the RiPi Try-On Eyelashes in RPN-02 (JPY 950 / 10pairs). I feel the Japanese are so tasteful with their falsies so I always stock up if I ever pass by. I also picked up a Landmark brand (!!!!), this Aime lens case (JPY 513). I have no need for extra lens cases but I have been wanting to try this hourglass-style lens case forever! I also picked up a pack of Quality 1st All-in-One Sheet Mask Moisture Sheet Masks (JPY 2052 / 50pcs) and I'm hoping this eco-friendlier sheet mask performs well because I AM ROOTING FOR YOU, GIRL. WE ARE ALL ROOTING FOR MOTHER EARTH!

Lastly, I also picked up a packet of Rosy Rosa Jelly Touch Latex-free Sponges (JPY 518 / 6pcs) because not only are they latex-free (which can come in handy for kit emergencies) but the drawing of how it expands whispered my name gently :)

Ginza 6

Ginza is an affluent district in Tokyo; I would say it's something like BGC or Makati. We had time to stop at only one mall, and our driver chose Ginza 6. Nothing beats the size and scope of Philippine shopping, but we were more interested in the luxury brands we would find in this store.

It has 13 floors, but I went straight to B1, the only floor with Beauty items. The escalators greet you in the entrance, so you could go straight down or up if needed. Shops are neatly arranged to both sides of the escalator. This stands in stark contrast to the more chaotic Philippine malls meant to maximize foot traffic!

jill stuart loose blush in 03 cherished love

I bought the Jill Stuart Loose Blush in 03 Cherished Love (JPY 3800 / 5g).

I chose this shade because it is a "main color." It is a true red and I'm pretty excited to use it igari (drunk blush) style.

jill stuart loose blush in 03 cherished love swatch

More to the point. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT DANDELION APPLICATOR? I die. The blush comes in a lollipop-shaped container, and inside is a dandelion applicator. The 'brush' is exactly like a dandelion puff, except it doesn't fall apart at a soft whisper.  Yes, I did think the swatches were weak. Therefore I really did just buy this for the container. I don't know how much blush the pretty SA must have used because I could not imagine getting the level of saturation I saw on her based on my initial swatch.



While claiming my Ginza 6 tax returns, I stumbled upon a Lawson and checked in anyway. It was pretty bare, or maybe I observed nothing because I'm only in for the makeup, but I did get a cute Makanai Traditional Skincare Mini Set (JPY 1944). It was advertised as a traditional item to foreigners, and contains: Cleansing Scrub 25ml, Face Soap 10g, Lotion 30ml and Oil 3ml


Isetan is a pretty popular chain mall, also on the high end. My sister tried to check if they had Anello and the concierge kinda giggled :| I rushed here while everyone was shopping at Ginza 6 as it was only two blocks away. I had one stop: LADURÉE. This boutique is an expansion of the famous pastry experts, and I know, cosmetics is a pretty random industry to get into right after baking :| I'm not putting too much stock into it but I really couldn't resist the Face Color Rose.

les merveilleuses LADURÉE face color rose laduree refill 04 pot

I bought the Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE Face Color Rose Ladurée Refill in 04 (JPY 3000 / 6g) and Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE Face Color Rose Ladurée Pot (JPY 7000).

laduree face color rose 04 swatch

This kit is too Marie Antoinette for words! Their whole aesthetic is super rococo, and I love how it makes everything feel fancy. You can technically buy only the refill, as it is pretty enough. It comes very neatly arranged in a plastic jar, cased in a velvet pouch. However, I prefer the full luxe experience so I went with the Faberge egg-ish container.

Random Drugstore

We were touring in Senso-ji and mostly saw food and traditional souvenirs when my sister and I decided to go off-course and landed straight into a random drugstore. I love random roadside drugstores. They're usually two or more floors, have piles of stocks spilling out onto the road, and are chock-full of shower supplies, cosmetics and even a few tita items like weird balms and muscle creams.

japan drugstore haul

Ever since Kracie put out the Kracie Natalulu Skin Conditioners in Beauty Bars, I've long wondered how they were like. I was always interested but either forgot or didn't feel like buying on the times that I did see them. I saw the Hadasui Skin & Body Lotion in Pink (JPY 341 / 400ml) on the landing leading up to the second floor, along with a bunch of other body waters. I randomly chose this brand because it had Shiseido on the label. Thankfully the pink variant is for super dry skin. I also picked up a Shiseido Baby Powder Pressed Medicated (JPY 350 / 50g) out of curiosity.

For things I could not resist: I picked up the Ettusais x Gudetama Lip Essence Deep Moist SPF 18 PA +++ (JPY 1200 / 10g) because, you know, lip SPF is super important but rarely taken care of. I am just being a responsible person :| This might date me, but I also got the Evita Beauty Whip Soap (JPY 1200 / 150g) for Instagram purposes. It's pretty expensive and Liz mentioned it was too drying, but I still want it :| Lastly, got a pack of Pure Smile Kiwi Point Pad (JPY 218 / 10pcs) because they were so cheap! There are also only ten sheets to it, but whatever!

This last group of items is the WOW items. They're the items that speak to the side of me that loves cute and tiny and clever things. A packet of Breath Care (JPY 96) because they were cheap enough and I always nibble on mints :/ And then, this d Program Vital Act Set (JPY 1300 / 23ml Lotion II, 11ml Emulsion) because it's so cute and had a display case all to itself - which must mean it's important~ Also got a Matomage Hairstyling Stick in Regular 3/5 (JPY 475 / 13g) for all the stupid baby hairs I'm growing as of late.

AND THE BEST ITEM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. The Rohto Lycée Eye Wash (JPY 475 / 80ml)!!!! I have long wanted to dry the Eyebong Eye Wash since I saw it in Youtube Korea late 2016 but I thought I'd just 11street it to the Philippines but I couldn't find it anymore T_T Now I have another cute eye wash I can't wait to try!

Don Quijote

or Don K! (Donkey) It's a mega consumer chain selling cosmetics, groceries (including chocolate pasalubong), housewares and officewares. It's basically like a Target, but better since I love clever Japanese Items.

kracie poppin' cookin' k palette lasting eyebrow tint lasting cheek tint lasting lip tint stick

This was my last chance for drugstore makeup, so I took a trio of K Palette things from brows, to cheeks, to lips. I just filmed my K Palette Lasting Eyebrow Tint in 03 Mocha Brown (JPY 1200, PHP 895 at Beauty Bar) trial, and I'll be posting that video in a few days :) I also have stuff that Gett failed to buy, K Palette Lasting Cheek Tint in 01 Orange (JPY 1200) and K Palette Lasting Lip Tint Stick in 04 Juicy Red (JPY 1300). These will usher my first experience of any non-eye K Palette product and I'm excited!

k palette lasting eyebrow tint mocha brown lasting cheek tint 01 orange lasting lip tint stick 04 juicy red swatch

For stupid cute things, I grabbed a small pack of Breath Care (JPY 475). Whatever. I'm sure it has a brand but I can't be assed to look for it. I just like it because the beads look like little Fern Gully seeds. To add to my collection, I also picked up two Kracie Poppin' Cookins': Kracie Popin' Cookin' Ramen (JPY 158) and Kracie Popin' Cookin' Japanese Sweets Taiyaki and Odango (JPY 258).

That's it! Excited to shoot featuring the crazy, smart and dumb beauty-ngtings I bought. And my Kracies!!!

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