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Video Darling: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in R230

Video Darling: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation in R230

I think it's about time I wrote about the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in R230 (KRW 60 000, PHP 2700, MUFE). This was one of my favorite foundations to work with in makeup academy. I found it very easy to work with, and while Koreans had a pretty homogenous skin tone, I was personally happy to experiment with the enormous shade collection on myself. Y235, Y245 are shades in the yellow undertone, light tone collection which I also often experimented with.

I was starting to get the hang of the shades, until the academy started phasing in the new naming system of the foundations. Then my mind just got lost and refused to accept any new information.

But anyway. before we proceed, R230/115 is a light-neutral shade. It's the yellowest among the red undertone, light tone collection, making it more neutral than solidly red. It was the first non-yellow base foundation I tried, and I thought it would be the only one. But recently I got the iMatch done for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh formula, and my shade suggestions were 2W0 Warm Vanilla (warm) and 2N1 Desert Beige (neutral.) I was sorely tempted to ignore the Desert Beige suggestion, but it was the only sample I could get from the counter and I'm so glad I gave it a chance. It looked really nice on me!

And that's the story of how my heavily yellow self is slowly beginning to realize that the right neutral can suit me.

There seems to be a very small window of opportunity here, though. I remember not being able to always wear MUFE Ultra HD, especially in the winter. It seemed to grey me out rather than tone me up. which is what it does for my summer skin.

make up for ever ultra hd liquid foundation r230 swatch

Formula Overview:

This foundation is silicone-based. It is a goopy liquid foundation and gives medium coverage that doesn't build. It has a satin finish, meaning it dries an underlying shine.

My weird smug expression comes from a feeling of superiority over the glow MUFE Ultra HD brings

My weird smug expression comes from a feeling of superiority over the glow MUFE Ultra HD brings

Skin Types and Wear:

I find that gives it the most amazing look under studio lighting, and it wasn't until I was trying to rotate through all my foundations during my Youtube shoots that I realized the MUFE Ultra HD was more than a leg up compared to the rest of my foundations.

Under studio lighting, this looks dreamy, glowy yet not wet. I suppose the silicone bounces the light amazingly, making one look radiant. The dullness and boring texture of my dry skin are also blurred out. When my skin is not looking up to snuff, and I want to look amazing on my videos, I reach for MUFE Ultra HD.

For everyday wear (meaning, not under studio lights and HD cameras) I've found that combination skin types maximize the benefits of this foundation. Though I love what it does for the dry texture, a bit of natural oil gives it that much more oomph.

This foundation is pretty long-wearing. I've worn it on ten hour days and it's held up pretty nicely. Because of the medium coverage though, my redness comes through during the day and I tend to look a little more haggard with this foundation as compared to actual paint-like, long-wear foundations.

How I Use:

My favorite way to use this foundation is to conceal major discoloration such as dark circles first, and then apply a suitable layer over everything. I set with Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Loose Microfinishing Powder and don't fucking @ me because I have done this countless times in flash photography shoots. If you know how much to use, you should be getting a boosted sheen and not coke face.

With most foundations, I apply concealer when needed, last. This ensures to me that I'm not using too much concealer and avoiding caking product up. In the case of MUFE Ultra HD though, I want the pearl-like luminescence to veil all over my face, so I conceal major problems first, and let the foundation take care of medium-level concerns like redness and faded acne marks.

make up for ever ultra hd liquid foundation r230

In sum:

I love Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Liquid Foundaiton in R230! I reach for it for when I'm feeling crusty on the everyday, or anytime I want to shine on cam. Professional MUAs love products that look great on a wide range of skin types and shades, and this foundation is exactly that. While combination skin maximizes the look of it, both dry and oily skin types wear this foundation effortlessly, and I think that's just beautiful.

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